FREE WORKSHOP – Certainty: How To Deal with Self Doubt and Create More Success
Self-doubt is  something that can pop up for all of us in business. Attend this  workshop to discover how to deal with self-doubt and create more  certainty for yourself and your business. Certainty is one of the most  under-used yet extremely powerful ingredients of success in business. If  you sometimes feel full of self-doubt or just aren't sure how to get  back in alignment with yourself attend this workshop for tips and  techniques that work.

To attend this masterclass you need to join my Facebook Group: Successful Soul Biz Sisterhood - a group designed to uplift and support purpose-driven women to achieve what's most important to you. To join the group – click the link below.  Once you’re in visit the Events tab.
9:30am AEST, Friday 22nd September 2017
Meet the speaker
Jen Ramsey
If you've found your way here it's likely you're a super-passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneur with a BIG heart who wants to make a difference in the world and create a great business.  You may also have been in business for a while and might be feeling stuck or frustrated by a lack of cut-through and success.

And that’s where I come in.

I help beautiful people like you to say YES to themselves and their businesses. Together we find and build the bridge between your burning business passion and success.

I’m known for creating a safe space where my gorgeous clients can dream big, manifest their desires and deal with the things keeping them stuck.

I help them align their passion and vision with a business model that works. Together we create a message, offer and community that generates more traffic, leads and new clients.

Some of my clients have called me a “manifesting/marketing/spiritual guru”. While I’m not sure about the word guru I know more than anything I love to see my clients achieving their highest potential and success!
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To attend this masterclass you need to join my Facebook Group: Successful Soul Biz Sisterhood.Once you’ve joined visit the Events tab and join the class.
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