Email Marketing 101  – Discover the secrets to nurture and grow your most valuable business resource – Your List 
Creating and nurturing your email list is the smartest decision you can make in your business? Why – because, done right, having an email list gives you instant access to an engaged community instantly.

Imagine if your Facebook Page or Group was no longer available to you … and you no longer had access to your fans? What would you do? Would you have a healthy list of happy, loyal and appreciative community members or would you be back to ground zero – having to start all over again?

If you don’t have a strong email list it’s likely you would be back at square one.

Attend this workshop and learn how I help my clients nurture and grow their list.

In this 90-minute workshop you’ll discover:
  • Why having an email list is so important to your business long term
  • A simple four step strategy to engage, nurture and grow your list
  • What to say, and what to send, to your email list
  • What to do when with technology – I’ll explain the tech terms for you so you know exactly what to do each step of the way in your email autoresponder
  • How to revive and reengage an email list that has been lying dormant for a while
  • How to sell to your email list authentically
  • How to write powerful email subject lines that encourage your audience to open your emails
  • A live walkthrough of my preferred email autoresponder so you'll see how email sequences work in real life.

PRICE:  $97 for class recording, email swipe file and email sequence builder.

If you've found your way here it's likely you're a super-passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneur with a BIG heart who wants to make a difference in the world and create a successful business. You may also have been in business for a while and might be feeling stuck or frustrated by a lack of cut-through and success.

And that’s where I come in.

I help beautiful people like you to say YES to themselves and their businesses. Together we find and build the bridge between your burning business passion and success.

I’m an intuitive marketing and business coach. I’m known for creating a safe space where my gorgeous clients can dream big, manifest their desires and deal with the things keeping them stuck.

I help them align their passion and vision with a business model that works. Together we create a message, offer and community that generates more traffic, leads and new clients.

Some of my clients have called me a “manifesting/marketing/spiritual guru”. While I’m not sure about the word guru I know more than anything I love to see my clients achieving their highest potential and success!
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