FB Marketing 101 
Discover how to create leads, build your email list and create an engaged, warm audience from your FB Business Page 
This workshop is for you if you know you need a Facebook Page for your business but you’re not sure where to start OR if you feel like your FB page isn't working hard enough for you right now.

Having a presence on Facebook is critical for most online businesses – but what makes a good Facebook page sing? It’s all about starting a conversation, building relationships and giving your visitors such a good experience they’ll want to connect more with you and your business.

This will workshop will help you create a Facebook page that will help you start:

- telling your story online - critical if you don't have a website yet and vital if you do - your story needs to be aligned!
- building your audience
- generating leads for your business
- building your email list from FB.

In this 90-minute workshop you'll discover how to:

- Set up and optimise your FB page so you're attracting the right people to your page
- Create your elevator pitch for your FB Page
- Build your list from your FB Page
- Create engaging content for your FB page
- Save yourself hours scheduling your content.

This workshop involves a live case study and presentation.
PRICE: $97 for 90-minute class recording and workbook.
Meet your workshop coach
Jen Ramsey
If you've found your way here it's likely you're a super-passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneur with a BIG heart who wants to make a difference in the world and create a great business.  You may also have been in business for a while and might be feeling stuck or frustrated by a lack of cut-through and success.

And that’s where I come in.

I help beautiful people like you to say YES to themselves and their businesses. Together we find and build the bridge between your burning business passion and success.

I’m an intuitive marketing and business coach and am known for creating a safe space where my gorgeous clients can dream big, manifest their desires and deal with the things keeping them stuck.

I help them align their passion and vision with a business model that works. Together we create a message, offer and community that generates more traffic, leads and new clients.

Some of my clients have called me a “manifesting/marketing/spiritual guru”. While I’m not sure about the word guru I know more than anything I love to see my clients achieving their highest potential and success!
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