Q2 Biz Bliss and Intention Planning Session
A Free 2-hour Biz Planning  Session so you can have More Joy, Flow and Success in your Business 
Are you ready for Quarter 2 in your business? Do you know what’s most important for you in Q2?

Have you decided what you’d like to achieve from an income and visibility perspective? And do you know what you need to do to achieve those goals?

Do you feel like you’ve got a great plan to make the most out of the next 3 months or are you feeling just a little bit out of control?
Will the next quarter see you creating from your highest joy or do you feel it could be more of a slog? (and just more of the same from the last few months or years?)

If you’d like a breath of fresh air in your business join me for my free Q2 Biz Bliss and Intention Planning Session. I’ve got a Business degree and more than 20 years experience in business planning having run strategy and business planning sessions for national and multinational companies. This experience has shown me what works and what doesn't work when it comes to putting together a business plan.
This 2-hour recorded session is focused, fun and productive.

This session is valuable even if you have a plan as you will learn new techniques to streamline your process for Q2.

In this free 2-hour recorded session you’ll discover:
- The 5 questions you must ask yourself at the beginning of every business planning session
- A simple step-by-step planning process that you can use again and again in your business
- A Quarterly Overview Planner to help you break down the tasks and activities you need to put in place to achieve your goals this quarter.

This workshop involves a video recording, workbook and quarterly overview planner.
Price: Complimentary ACCESS
Thank you!
What You'll Gain from the Session
1. Discover the 5 critical questions you must ask before you do your business plan
2. Access a simple step-by-step process you can use again and again
3. Tap into the brain and expertise of a Business Planning Expert
If you've found your way here it's likely you're a super-passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneur with a BIG heart who wants to make a difference in the world and create a successful business. You may also have been in business for a while and might be feeling stuck or frustrated by a lack of cut-through and success.

And that’s where I come in.

I help beautiful people like you to say YES to themselves and their businesses. Together we find and build the bridge between your burning business passion and success.

I’m an intuitive marketing and business strategist and coach. Drawing on more than 20 years online and corporate marketing expertise I’m known for creating a safe space where my gorgeous clients can dream big, manifest their desires and deal with the things keeping them stuck.

I help them align their passion and vision with a business model that works. Together we create a message, offer and community that generates more traffic, leads and new clients.

Some of my clients have called me a “manifesting/marketing/spiritual guru”. While I’m not sure about the word guru I know more than anything I love to see my clients achieving their highest potential and success!
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