Fierce Focus Planning Session + 3 Day FB Live Challenge
Focus + Visibility = Results
Take advantage of the last 3 months of 2017 with my Free “Fierce Focus” planning session followed by a 3 day FB Live Challenge that will show you how to do a successful Facebook Live and break it down into more than 10 pieces of content your audience will love.

At the end of 4 days you’ll have:
  • A business and financial goal for the next 3 months that you feel great about
  • An easy-to-use action plan so you’ll know exactly what to do when. No more worrying about you should be doing – and more time to do it
  • More confidence about doing Facebook Lives
  • A Facebook Live your audience will love – and that you’ll be able to use again
  • More than 10 pieces of tailored content – so you can put your plan into action straightaway.
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3:00pm AEST, Monday 2nd October 2017
If you want to end the year on a high in your business join me this Monday at 2:00pm for the Fierce Focus Planning Session and then at 3:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week for the 3 day challenge.

During the challenge you’ll receive:
  • A daily email from me with prompts for that day’s challenge
  • access to a daily Facebook Live where I cover the topic and answer your questions
  • a safe space to do your Facebook Lives
  • strategies to deal with nerves about being in front of the camera.
There’s only 3 months left of 2017 so if you’re looking to bring the end of the year home on a high join me for this Monday! Register here
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My name is Jen Ramsey and I help beautiful people like you to say YES to themselves and their businesses. Together we find and build the bridge between your burning business passion and success.

I help you align your passion and vision with an online business model that works. Together we create a message, offer and community that generates more traffic, leads and new clients.
I’m known for creating a safe space where my gorgeous clients can dream big, manifest their desires and deal with the things keeping them stuck.

Some of my clients have called me a “manifesting/marketing/spiritual guru”. While I’m not sure about the word guru I know more than anything I love to see my clients achieving their highest potential and success!
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