Business can have its ups and downs. In this free masterclass you'll access tips and tools to help you:

♥ deal with a difficult situation when it strikes
♥ gracefully take the learnings
♥ create a plan to bounce back.

The class involves a presentation and time for Q&As at the end.

To attend this masterclass you need to join my Facebook Group: Successful Soul Biz Sisterhood - a group designed to uplift and support purpose-driven women to achieve what's most important.

To join the group – click below and go to the Events tab in the group to register for the masterclass
1:00pm AEST, Monday 28th August 2017
In the class you'll learn how to:
1. Deal with difficult situations
2. Gain the learnings  
3. Create a plan to bounce back
Meet the speaker
Jen Ramsey
Many purpose-driven business owners come to Jen feeling stuck or frustrated by a lack of cut-through and success. She shows them how to stand-out from the crowd and create high value offers that help their customers say yes.

Jen helps her clients dream big and creates a safe space for success.

She helps her clients get aligned with their vision for their business and what their customers’ need and want. She helps her clients craft the strategy and the offer needed to build highly engaged communities that generate more traffic, leads and new clients.

Jen takes a holistic approach to marketing and business strategy - melding her online and corporate expertise with the mindset and energy work needed to ensure sub-conscious blocks are addressed.
To attend this masterclass you need to join my Facebook Group: Successful Soul Biz Sisterhood. Once you’ve joined visit the Events tab and join the class.

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