Highest Joy with Jen Biz Coaching 2018

Highest Joy with Jen Biz Coaching

Welcome Lovely Creator. Are you ready for a clear path forward and accountability from someone who ‘gets’ who you are as a purpose-driven entrepreneur? Someone with heart who can tap in intuitively and who resonates with the path you are on and where you want to go?

If so join me for this 3-month group coaching experience designed to help you, and your business fly – authentically. This is for you if you looking for someone to guide you on the path to turning what you love into a successful business. Step into this space if you are ready for real action, tangible results and are ready to develop a powerful mindset.

Each group runs on a 3-month basis and will only ever involve 7 women. The groups are hand-picked via application only and based on each person’s journey. This ensures each woman is fully supported and is able to tap into a cheer squad of like-minded women all focused on heart-centred success. So what’s involved?

1. Welcome and Orientation  Kit

Prior to the commencement of the three-month coaching program, you’ll receive a Welcome video, a welcome questionnaire and your planning tools for the Quarterly Planning Session that occurs at the beginning of each quarter. This is designed to get your creative juices flowing in preparation for the Quarterly Planning Session.

You’ll need to fill in the Welcome questionnaire and send it to Jen prior to the first session so she has the background and ability tap into your goals and desires for your business before the Quarterly Planning Session.

2. Quarterly Planning Session – Session 1

The first session of each three-month coaching program is a 2-hour group planning session where you’ll plan your major goal for the quarter using my Quantum Leap Planning Tool. These sessions will see you create the vision and set the big-picture goal for the quarter. In this session, you’ll share your goal for the quarter and the key actions you believe you need to get there. In this session you’ll also set up your Trello Accountability Board where you’ll keep yourself and Jen updated on your progress.

3. Fortnightly accountability homework

To help you stay accountable to your goals you’ll be required to update your Trello Board by 10:00am on the morning of your group session. On your Board you’ll share any homework from the last sesison, actions you’ve taken toward your goal, next proposed actions and any questions you may have for Jen to answer in the session.

4. Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls

This involves 2 x 90-minute session per month held every second Monday evening. An indicative agenda for the fortnightly sessions is as follows:

  • Round robin on achievements and challenges from last two weeks
  • Question and answer session to address participants’ questions (participants send questions prior to session on Trello Board)
  • Round robin to set goals to be achieved for next session

5. Three x 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions

These 1:1 sessions will be focused on you achieving your goals for the program. You are free to workshop any aspect of your business within these sessions. To make the most of your session you will need to plan your goal for the session and provide any supporting details in writing 24 hours prior to the session.

6. One x 90-minute training program per quarter

Each quarter you will receive access to one x training session by Jen. Valued at $97 to $120 this 90-minute minute training session can be selected from Jen’s existing training library or the value may be applied to the training program currently underway. Topics include:

  • Researching Your Audience
  • Creating Your Ideal Audience Avatar
  • Creating Your Offer
  • Creating Your Key Messages
  • Creating Your Elevator Pitch
  • Sales Funnels 101
  • Aligning Your Website with Your Offer
  • How to Create a Winning Sales Page
  • How to Pitch to the Media
  • Facebook Marketing 101
  • Facebook Livestreaming 101
  • Instagram Strategies for Success
  • Pinterest Strategies for Success
  • Opt-In 101
  • Email Marketing 101
  • SEO Your Way to Page 101
  • Gorgeous Graphics 101

Highest Joy Luxe Package – Personalised Coaching

For those who would like more one on one support during the three month program you can access the Highest Joy Luxe package. This involves the Group Coaching Program outlined above plus 3 x one on one 60-minute strategy sessions to be accessed over the three months.

These 1:1 sessions will be focused on you achieving your goals for the program. You are free to workshop any aspect of your business within these sessions.
Individual coaching sessions with Jen are valued at $200/hour

Benefits of Highest Joy with Jen Biz Coaching

  • Clarity on your goals for the year and your quarterly plan
  • Personalised coaching and feedback on your business strategy from a marketing and business expert
  • Fortnightly goal setting and accountability so you can create a clear path to success in your business
  • Training in a marketing strategy of your choice – so you can keep on top of cutting-edge strategies that will help you build an authentic, ethical business
  • Access to Jen for Q&A and live feedback in every coaching session
  • Access to a heartfelt community of aligned, conscious women on a similar path so you, and your business can soar

What It’s Like to Work With Jen

“Jen is a phenomenal teacher and gets results straightaway because of her profound belief that we can do it. What set this apart was the way Jen helped me reach back to my values, dreams and aspirations to create my offer. I love the ongoing support via Facebook and mentoring and of course the other fabulous women in the group.” Luisa Garcia – Family Photographer

“I was utterly stuck. I knew the answer was in a purpose-filled business and authentic offer. With this course Jen got it out of my head and into the world where I can now live my dream as I build it. Here’s to our ethical empires!” Sarah Stephen, Life Off Grid

“I have never experienced anything like this mastermind. It’s been amazing to follow Jen’s processes to find my audience and offering them my creative expertise and guidance. I recommend this course with all my heart – what Jen has offered is so unique and person-centred. And as I participated from Scotland – it’s proof that online courses work” Emily Fong, Artist

“After working with Jen I made $15,000 at my first live event. This happened after trying for two years to make money online. Jen helped me crack the code to creating an offer that converted with my audience. It’s helped us realise a long-held dream of bringing my wife home from work to spend more time with the kids. We’re loving our new lifestyle and I’ve just expanded my business thanks to Jen’s system.”  Josh Oakey, Monetise Social Media

“I’ve gone from dreaming to doing in my business. Working with Jen was a game-changer. She helped me clarify my niche, my audience and my offer. Since working with Jen I have launched my coaching business datingwithkizmet.com, written a book and made regular media appearances. I’ve also been asked by national TV broadcaster, SBS, to assist them with a reality TV show on dating. All of this came from focusing on my super-niche and my own inner YES!” Mell Balment, Dating With Kizmet


Highest Joy with Jen Biz Coaching – $335 per month x 3 months

This includes:
– 6 x 90-minute group coaching sessions valued at $900
– 3 x 30-minute 1:1 sessions valued at $300
– 1 x training session – valued at $97 to $120

Limited places available. Coaching commences on XXX March 2018.

Weekly payment plans are available of $86/week
To register visit: jenramsey.com/bizcoach

Highest Joy with Jen Biz Coaching + Personalised Coaching  – $497 per month x 3 months

3 x 60-minute 1:1 sessions valued at $600

Weekly payment plans are available of $127 per week
To register visit: jenramsey.com/luxecoach

Discounted access to 1:1 sessions

Normally $200 per hour, coaching clients can access group coaching for $180/hour while involved in a group coaching program.

Fast Action Takers Bonus

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, and you book before X March you will receive an extra 30 minute 1:1 session for free.

This bonus is only available to those who take action and book their coaching before X March

For more information or to discuss this call Jen on 0402 314 906 or email hello@jenramsey.com.