Some of our happy clients share
the yes love

“Working with Jen has given me clarity, confidence, and assurance in building my business – all from the perspective of the soul. The clarity I’ve received is powerful. I’m now clear about what I need to do and why. No more wasted time or effort, or going around in circles. Personally, Jen gives me the confidence to keep moving and going if I’m feeling unsure. She believes in me, and what I’m doing. I feel completely supported. She definitely wants the best for me, and my business. Her support and recommendations always come from a beautiful soul space so my aspirations are aligned. ”

Lisa Formosa | Sensate Me

Before working with Jennifer, I was in limbo over what direction to take in my business. I had a desire to totally change direction but just didn’t have the courage to do it on my own. Through Jen’s coaching I was able to make the decision confidently. Once the decision was made Jen helped me piece it all together. Jen Ramsey has not only helped me build a new business but she has taught me how to design an online membership program, Facebook community and website. I’ve also learned so much more about copywriting and marketing. I’d bought a lot of group business coaching courses before and was still stuck. It wasn’t until I took the courage to actually invest in one to one coaching that I was able to really progress in my business.  If you’re serious about making a difference in the world and investing in your business and passion then you owe it to yourself and your business to invest in coaching with Jennifer. 

Sandra Inman  | Woman Entrepreneur

Jen is a phenomenal teacher and gets results straightway because of her profound belief that we can do it. What set apart was the way Jen helped me reach back to my values, dreams, and aspirations to create my offer. I love the ongoing support via Facebook and mentoring and of course the other fabulous women in the group.

Luisa Garcia | Family Photographer