If you are ready to completely relax, unwind and recharge and take time out for you join me for my next Sacred Sound Journey Bath.
Sound has an incredible power to calm the mind, relax the body and lift your spirit out of daily ‘doing’ into a space of blissful being.

Sound is as old as time itself and, when played intentionally, it allows our mind to let go of the constant chatter and our body to release any stress we are unwittingly holding.

In this 75-minute session, all you need to do is to allow the healing sounds to wash over you and relax and receive.
For those who find traditional meditation difficult sound healing will lead you effortlessly into the dreamy state of ‘theta’ brainwaves that are known to:

Relax the body
Return the body to balance
Reduce inflammation
Reduce anxiety
Improve sleep
Reduce pain
Balance hormones
Provide insights into life experiences
Deliver creative solutions to problems.
“Jen is extraordinarily kind and talented. She instantly transports all in her care to a safe place where we can focus on our own self-care. I have a deep and profound sense of relaxation and calm. I haven’t slept as deeply or well in years and today I have felt much calmer about life in general. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough.”
Anita Brisbane