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Hi I’m Jen Ramsey and I’ll help you generate more leads and grow a business you love by connecting your inner yes (your passion and genius) to your outer yes (the way you solve your clients’ problems and serve them).

I can help you if you’re a conscious entrepreneur with a big heart and you want to:

  • Overcome any fears of selling or promotion
  • Generate more leads and customers so you can expand your business and make a bigger impact in the world
  • Create a compelling story, brand and offer so you can reach the people you want to work with and who need you in their lives
  • Build or scale a business so you can serve the people and communities who need you the most.

When you work with me you will get clear on your offering, connect with your tribe and grow your business.  You can learn more about how I can help you below.

How do I work with you?

I do things a little differently than the mainstream … because I go way back to the beginning. I start with YOU first – I help you connect your inner “yes” (passion and genius) to your outer “yes” – the solution you offer your clients.

Once we’re clear on your inner yes we go on a journey to clarify your unique offering to the world and express that offering in a way that resonates so deeply with your audience that it leads to a great relationship and a YES to purchase.   I call this the “YES! Formula” and my clients tell me this process supercharges them and their business.

When you work with me you’ll feel aligned, integrated and clear on your path. Your passion and your genius will be combined with a smart offer and a straightforward marketing strategy so you can enjoy the lifestyle and freedom you seek.

Your business will be simpler and easier to manage because everything is aligned around your offering. Your marketing strategy will be clear and no time or resources will be wasted. You will have balance – time to work in your business – doing what you love and time work on your business allowing it to expand to the level that suits you.

What led me here?

I’m a business, branding and lead generation strategist and coach and have advised clients ranging from start ups through to household brands.  During my career I’ve created and launched brands (one brand I developed later sold for $27million), trained hundreds of people to be better communicators, managed some very sticky media issues, repositioned large corporations and small businesses and even helped one of my dear clients’ source donor eggs so she could start her family (that’s one of my proudest achievements).

The thread that has run through all of this work is my focus on my client and what they most need to do to reach and connect with their audience. Once we’ve unearthed this, the path is clear.

Life of course isn’t all cupcakes and unicorns and I’ve taken myself on my own journey of alignment. I truly believe in the mystery and am committed to helping people take action on their dreams.  I’m a master results coach and qualified in NLP and hypnosis.

Today I am more aligned with conscious business, yoga and meditation than the corporate boardroom, but from my 20 years experience in marketing, communication and facilitation I know exactly what’s needed for a business to grow, thrive and scale.  I also know what it takes to run a business and I coach my clients on creating the right mindset so they can manage the inevitable ups and downs that business brings.

You see I’m on a mission to create a movement of loving, smart, action-takers – conscious, creative entrepreneurs who say yes to themselves and their business.  Helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs with a big heart to build and scale their businesses and reach more people means one thing to me  – it means creating a more positive, happier and healthier planet. That’s what moves me more than anything – the fact that we can together create a shift and change that the world so desperately needs.

We’re at a turning point. If we don’t act now then who will?

Some of the fine (fun!) print

When I’m not helping my clients say yes and take action I can be found hanging out with my family – this generally involves lots of cooking, eating and robust dinner table discussions. We love our food and we love a chat.

I also love, love, love yoga, walking our beautiful pup Lucy and painting. I’m a very learner-driver artist – but the colour and the freedom of it really lights me up!

If you were to ask me what matters most to me in life to me it’s all about:

  • Love, connection and community – connecting with those I love the most in a personal and a business sense is a must have in my life!
  • Freedom – being free to truly express who I am and live the life I desire
  • Passion – waking up every morning feeling excited about my day ahead and what it might hold in store
  • Vitality – feeling healthy and vital literally lights me up – a little meditation and exercise everyday certainly keeps the doctor away
  • Gratitude – this is my source of energy and happiness and it has turned my life around
  • Growth – I’m a life long learner and I feel so privileged to be able to keep on learning and growing.