Courses to connect your inner yes with your outer yes

In this course you’ll:

Join our Bootcamp if you are ready to connect your inner yes (your passion and genius) to your outer YES (you’re the solution you offer your clients) and attract more customers to your business.

  • Discover how to align your genius zone with your business and your irresistible offer
  • Unlock the 3 essential ingredients of an irresistible offer
  • Learn how to zero in on the niche you feel called to serve
  • Discover how to learn more about your tribe so you can make the offer that will create the shift they are looking for
  • Learn how to create an audience avatar that will guide all of your marketing like the northstar guides a compass
  • Learn how to tailor-make a solution for your audience that fits like a glove
  • Develop the building blocks of your irresistible offer: the offer, the results and the value you offer
  • Gain access to a strategy that will transform your offer from good to great and simplify everything you do
  • Discover how to magnetically attract your dream clients by sharing from the heart
  • Generate more traffic and leads by creating powerful lead magnets
  • Create a straightforward sales funnel and learn the fundamentals of Facebook advertising so you can put your offer into the market place.

The course is a step-by-step guide to creating an offer your audience will love and putting it into the market. You gain access to my expertise to create a simple straightforward approach to your marketing that will give you more focus and alignment in your business.

The program involves:

  • 6 x one-hour online modules – step-by-step support to ensure complete alignment in your business and create an offer your audience will love!
  • Fun take-home exercises – to work through each step of the process so you have a complete offer and plan to take it to market at the end of the Bootcamp
  • 6 x one-hour weekly group coaching sessions – so you can ask questions and get high-level coaching in a group environment
  • Access to the private Yes Formula Facebook community – where you can learn more and we share the love and the learnings of the conscious entrepreneurial journey.

Yes Formula Bootcamp – What’s in the box?

We’re at a turning point.



If you have a group that would like to learn more about creating irresistible offers and brands, generating more traffic and leads or finding alignment between your inner yes and your outer yes, I can help you with either a keynote presentation, a rich and engaging workshop or webinar facilitation. I have facilitated hundreds of entertaining and engaging workshops for groups ranging from 6 to 600.