Get Your Yes On 


2017 Business + Marketing Goal Setting Intensive

If you’re ready to get a head start on 2017 and make sure you avoid the 5 mistakes most heart-centred entrepreneurs make, join us for Get Your “Yes” On Business and Marketing Goal Setting Intensive!

Get Your “Yes” On is all about saying YES to you and your business in 2017. This four-hour strategy session is for heart-centred entrepreneurs who want to say YES! to growing your business and making the difference you want to make in the world.

This 4-hour intensive strategy session is for you if you’re feeling you:

  • haven’t achieved what you wanted to in your business this year
  • have lots of great ideas for 2017 but are not sure what to focus on to achieve the best return
  • need a fresh set of expert eyes on your business or marketing strategy
  • want to grow your business in 2017, or launch a new service or product, & aren’t sure where to start.


Make 2017 your year for growth!

A nurturing, meditative retreat space

Created as a nurturing, meditative, retreat space the Get Your Yes On strategy intensive will give you the chance to take some precious reflection time for you and your business.

At Get Your Yes On, you’ll discover how to: 

  • avoid the 5 mistakes most heart-centred entrepreneurs make in business
  • align your inner “yes” (your values & passion) with your outer “yes” – your business
  • set your 2017 goals for your business
  • focus on the hottest marketing techniques for 2017
  • set your goals for your 2017 marketing strategy

Finally someone hears me and understands me

“Jen, while our workshop is fresh in my mind I have to tell you how amazing you are and how incredible I found the whole experience. Watching you pick out the perfect words that reflect me and my business from ALL the words I spoke the other day was like watching a magician.  I had such a sense of relief  – finally someone hears me and understands me.  It was nurturing as it felt like I was being listened to. It was healing because I had found out my life’s purpose with the way you summarized what I have been doing with my life for the last 25 years. This is your gift – to see what is in people’s hearts and birth it into something that will help them while helping the world.” Luisa Garcia, Family Photographer


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