Some of our happy clients share
the yes love

Josh Oakey (1)I worked with Jen and implemented the INSPIRED YES FORMULA with the launch of my Monetise Facebook Training Program. My first live sales workshop converted 25% on the day and allowed me to fulfill a long-held dream of bringing my wife Dee home from work. She’s already home one day per week and with the sales and connections I’ve made using the “Inspired YES Formula” she will be home full time within the next few months. After working for two years to make money online Jen helped me crack the code by helping me create an offer that is irresistible to my audience. I’m about to launch my second workshop series and it looks like I will triple the sales of my first coaching series.

Josh Oakey | Creator Monetise Facebook Program and Founder, The Customer Service Movement

Mell_BalmentI’ve gone from dreaming to doing with the “Inspired YES Formula”. Working with Jen was a game-changer. She helped me clarify my niche, my audience and my offer. Since working with Jen I have launched my coaching business, written a book and made regular media appearances. I’ve also been contacted by national television broadcaster, SBS, to assist them with a national reality TV show on dating. All of this came from focusing on my super-niche and my own inner YES!

Mell Balment  | Dating with Kizmet

Paul_PalellaWorking with Jen has completely turned our business around. She has helped us zero in on what really bothers our audience and put together a compelling offer that speaks directly to them and gives them what they want. She’s also put together a plan to reach them. My job is so much easier – I know what have I have to do and what I have to say wherever I am – be it in a client sales presentation, at a networking event or on social media. I’m gaining new clients every month as a result.

Paul Palella | Brisbane Buyers Agency

Emily FongThrough a series of one-on-one support sessions, Jen created a safe space where my business partner and I could focus on clarifying the vision for our small business. These sessions were tailored around brand consolidation, future planning, media strategies and building upon our existing client base.

Jen’s professional experience, infectious enthusiasm and belief in our work empowered us and instilled in us the confidence to continue to pursue and nurture our vision. The strategies we implemented with Jen resulted in a much more cohesive working relationship between myself and my business partner, a doubling in clients within 6 months, a lively marketing campaign around our inaugural exhibition and a more established identity as a creative hub within Brisbane.

I am extremely grateful to Jen for the work that she has done with Urban Art Binge. I proudly recommend her services to anyone. An ally like Jen is an asset and a rare gem, especially in the field of the arts.

Emily Fong | Artist

Jen, while our workshop is fresh in my mind I have to tell you how amazing you are and how incredible I found the whole experience. Watching you pick out the perfect words that reflect me and my business from ALL the words I spoke the other day was like watching a magician.  I had such a sense of relief  – finally someone hears me and understands me.  It was nurturing as it felt like I was being listened to. It was healing because I had found out my life’s purpose with the way you summarized what I have been doing with my life for the last 25 years. This is your gift – to see what is in people’s hearts and birth it into something that will help them while helping the world.

Luisa Garcia | Family Photographer