Building and running a successful business for us purpose-driven entrepreneurs is like the most incredible self-development workshop we’ll ever experience. It has all the highs and lows of the most powerful Tony Robbins workshop – all in your own personal space – 24/7.

The problem with being a conscious entrepreneur is that you don’t always have the support of others as you do in a Robbins’ workshop. When it’s you, your laptop and the four walls of your office it can get lonely, and you can start thinking or doing some crazy things that can lead your business down the wrong path. I’m sharing here because I know us heart-centred entrepreneurs can think in a way that can stunt our business rather than grow it. I’m sharing here because I know the frustration that comes when we feel off track and we’re not making the difference in the world that we are aching to make. And I’m sharing because I want the best for you and your business. Our world needs you.

Barrier #1: Fear of selling

When we start working together my clients often tell me they feel marketing or selling their service or product is “icky”, uncomfortable or downright scary.

I get it, I’ve been there – but this mindset can be a killer for your business. One of my gorgeous clients Sally fell into this trap. Her beautiful nature combined with her amazing skills were a blessing to all around her, but her concern about “selling” and “money” were stopping her from charging her worth and serving her audience.

To turn this around I asked Sally: “What is the world missing out on because you are not putting your work out there? Who is not being helped right now because you are not sharing, or showing, your brilliance?”

If you’ve experienced this I’ve found the best way to overcome this is to think deeply about the gifts you have been given. And when you do you’ll begin to see that you have a “duty” to use those gifts responsibly. If this still feels a little unusual and you want learn how to turn these thoughts around then .

Barrier #2: Trying to be all things to all people

 As purpose-driven entrepreneurs we generally have 101 ideas – or more – floating around our heads at any one time. Coupled with this is wanting to serve as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

Underlying this is the fear that if we don’t make our offer to as many people as possible we won’t build a successful business.

In fact the opposite is true.

Trying to appeal to all of the people in your industry whatever it might be – healing, wellness, fitness, design or creativity – can spell disaster for your sales. Spending your energetic efforts and marketing budget on a scattergun approach won’t yield results. It will just drain you.

One of my clients Josh had been working for two years on a side hustle online business with no results. When we started working together I asked him to think about who he really wanted to serve and how he wanted to serve them.

Josh realised he wanted to work with small businesses face-to-face, rather than delivering his material online. We also changed his offer from a broad customer service consulting business to a specific offering around Facebook. I call this “superniching” and it helped Josh make his first income in his start-up (after two years of nothing) and achieve conversion rates of 30% at his live events. 12 months later he’s working full time in an extremely successful business, feeling great about himself and realizing long-held dream of bringing his wife home from work so that she can spend time with their growing children.

That is the power of super-niching your offer. So my question to you is this – who do you really want to serve and how can you best serve them with the gifts and expertise you have?

Barrier #3: The curse of comparison and not good enough

Have you ever felt that others are already saying what you would like to say, or have already launched that service or product that you had just thought of?

Maybe you’ve had that thought (…that always seems to strike at 3am) that your idea/business/offering is not “special”, “unique” or “good enough?”

Please, just for a second, take a deep breath here and then take a big sigh of relief.

You’re not alone.

Not even by a long shot.

And you’re making a mistake that is hurting you.

We’ve all had those thoughts, but the sucessful heart-centred entrepreneurs I know and work with are successful because they realize one other fundamental truth: You are uniquely you, and your unique experiences, coupled with your expertise, mean that you have something unique AND worthwhile sharing. There are people on the planet who need to hear from you, and your specific experience and take on the subject. They need the significant offering that only you can make.

Barrier #4: Waiting until your offering is perfect

Does this one ring any bells with you my soul-centred friend? Have you ever waited until you have:

  1. done the next level of practitioner training in your industry?
  2. got the perfect business idea so you can launch it to perfection?
  3. refined your offering until it is absolutely perfect?

Sound familiar?

These mistakes will delay you from getting the traction, audience or success I know you so rightfully deserve.

So let’s do a quick stock-take. What are the basic steps you could take to launch your offering to the world? What are the essential things you need to do to take your offering out into the world?

If you are not sure of what to do to launch your product or how to take your business online then .

Barrier #5: Putting others first VS. stepping into your power and saying yes! to you

If there was ever a sleeper issue for heart-centred entrepreneurs this is it! How much do you put others first – for all of the “right” reasons that stop you from stepping into your own power?

In an effort to appease our own fears about money, security and love, we can spend years in our business putting others first. What results do we get? Maybe some feel-good moments and a “safe” bank balance – but how do you feel when you go to bed at night? Are you waking up at 3am experiencing a gut-renching frustration that you are NOT making the difference you desire, reaching your tribe or creating the type of business you aspire to.

This was a big issue for me. The frustration grew and grew, eventually making me physically sick so that I would take notice of what was going on.

Here are some ways to know this if is a problem for you if you feel:

  • spread too thin and you’re not getting the most important things done
  • you’re getting by financially but not enjoying the journey
  • you’re not enjoying the financial abundance you would like
  • overwhelmed with daily to-dos and are not focused on the transformation
  • busy all the time but never seem to get anything of value done
  • resistant to certain tasks or activities in your business.

If you want to fix any of these problems then please .

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at or connect with me on Facebook here  facebook(2)   or Twitter here twitter . I’m looking forward to starting a conversation with you.

Much love