Five simple strategies to build the business you dream of

Have you checked on your progress lately? As entrepreneurs, who are also looking after families and running a home, it’s easy to get up in the whirlwind of ‘busyness’ that comes from running your own business but still not achieve your financial goals or targets.  Everyone wants a piece of you and there is precious little time in the day to get everything done!

What if you were to step aside for a moment and look at where you are at? And I mean – really look at where you are really at? Are you on the way to achieving your financial goals for this quarter? Have you got the number of clients you need? How is your lead generation system working for you? Are you converting your leads into sales? 

These are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself over the last few weeks as our home has expanded to include my dear parents who have come to stay and convalesce after my elderly Mum had a fall. I feel absolutely blessed to be looking after them – and wouldn’t change a thing. However, I do have less time available for my business right now – which means I’ve had to evaluate exactly where I’m at and what is possible to achieve in this first quarter of the year. So it has really made me think about what is most important, and what are the things I really need to be doing to achieve my goals.

I know these are sometimes the toughest questions to ask, but they are the ones we need to be asking ourselves if we are going to create a thriving business that allows us the time to still live the lifestyle we desire.

I’ve got no doubt you are an amazing expert, specialist, coach or practitioner who gives people the transformations they are looking for.

But do you sometimes feel a bit off track? Perhaps you feel uncomfortable with the idea of selling your services to other people? Maybe you dread the idea of building a list, making sales calls or trying to enroll people who might have been referred to you.

You might even have had the experience of potential clients saying: “That sounds great but I just can’t afford to do this right now. I’ll get back to you ….” And they never do.

Please don’t worry you are not alone! This post is the first of a series where we share with you the first of five simple strategies to help you build the successful business and lifestyle that you dream of.   Keep reading and these strategies will show you what to focus on so you can be building your list, generating more sales and working with the people you want to work with more quickly.

This week’s post focuses on the first of our first strategies – which is to ‘Zero in on You and Your Perfect Tribe’.

Strategy One: Zero in on You and your Perfect Tribe

If you want a business that you are going to love working in you need to have two things in place:

  1. A really clear understanding of yourself and what’s important to you in life
  2. A really clear understanding of the people you want to work with – your perfect tribe!

1. Get clear on what’s most important to you

Why are we focusing on what is most important to you? Because you are the powerhouse of your business. Without you, there would be no business. To achieve the success you dream of – your business must be linked to your deepest sense of yourself – your purpose in life and your values. This intrinsic internal link will also help keep you feeling excited, and lit up from the inside about what you are doing.

If these are things you haven’t considered before – don’t hit the panic button – but do think about it. Every truly successful entrepreneur can articulate a very clear link between their purpose, or their ‘why they get out of bed in the morning’ to the work they do in their daily lives. The reason for this is that this linkage to our inner purpose gives us the fuel to do the work we need to do. It lights up our inner fire and gives us the energy and determination to keep on going when things get tough.

So what can you do you if you haven’t thought about these things before?  It’s all about carving some time out of your schedule and asking yourself some very simple, yet important questions:

  1. What is most important to me?
  2. What makes me most excited when I think about the day ahead?
  3. What was I put on this earth to do?
  4. What is the special gift I have that can transform the lives of others?

These are great questions to check back in on – even if you have looked at your life purpose and values before. A check-in is a really valuable reminder to make sure that you are on track.

Once you have the answers to these questions you can then check for alignment in your business.  Is there alignment? Do you feel lit up inside when you think of your business? If not, you may need to make some adjustments so you can find the linkages that will inject the level of energy and vibrancy into your business that it needs and deserves.

2. Who do you want to work with? Who is your perfect tribe?

Once you understand more about yourself you will be in a better position to zero in on your perfect tribe. You will begin to understand exactly the kind of people that you want to work with.

Let me make something very clear here – I’m not talking right now about finding the people who are pleasant and who pay their bills on time. I’m also not talking about a broad demographic group! I’m talking about a very specific group of people that you feel resonate with you and who need the special transformation that you can offer.

To find your perfect tribe you need to understand:

  • Who are the people who need the transformation that you offer the most?
  • What’s most important to them?
  • What pains them most?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What is their ‘transformation point’?
  • Who do they listen to?
  • Why do they listen to them?

Once you have clarity on exactly the type of person you would like to be working with the rest will flow. You will be able in a position to articulate the offer that will make a difference to your particular tribe. It will also make writing and communicating with your audience extremely straightforward.

Need another set of eyeballs?

If you felt you couldn’t properly answer the questions we asked here today, or if you want to learn more about zeroing in your tribe apply for one of our free Yes Formula 30-minute strategy sessions here. We offer a limited number of these sessions every month because we know first hand that working out ‘how to sell yourself’ can be very hard. It’s great to have an objective view and a mentor to hold your hand so you know what you are doing is going to work. We’re offering these strategy calls because we want you to avoid spending months struggling and still not have the right offer for your audience. Spots are limited so if you feel you are ready to take your business to the next level apply for a session here now.

Maybe you have a friend or colleague who might find these tips useful? If so please feel free to share the love!


Jen xo

P.S. Stay tuned for next week’s post where we cover Strategy # 2 – the secrets to make you magnetically attractive to your perfect client!

P.P.S. I took the photo featured in this week’s post while on holiday in Bali last year with our boys. This is a path in beautiful Desa Seni – a gorgeous yoga community and retreat/resort in Seminyak!!! I highly recommend it!! Bali is one of my go-to locations to relax and rejuvenate!