Have you taken all the steps to launching your business, yet there’s still something holding you back? Perhaps it’s a tech issue or your logo isn’t quite right? And once you think you’ve solved the issue you find another that pushes your schedule back another couple of weeks. What if the one that’s holding you back from your success is you?

The reason I know this is that I’ve experienced it myself, and so have many of my clients – amazing heart-centred entrepreneurs who really want to make a difference but can’t seem to get past the start line.

The truth is a failure to launch often has less to do with business logistics and more to do with our mindset and those fears of failure that can creep up on us and take our breath away. I call it “mindset mud” – the fears and beliefs that keep us stuck and playing small.

This is something most of us face … but those of us who meet our fears and deal with them are immediately going to have a higher chance of business success.

What mindset traps could be holding you, and your business, hostage?

To see if there is some underlying “mindset mud” that’s holding you back take a look at the following and see if any ring a bell with you:

1. The Perfectionist Syndrome

Perfectionism is useful but it can also be very dangerous. I’m a recovering perfectionist so I know how it can help and how it can hinder. It’s certainly driven me to great at what I do but when it’s come to my business, and some things in my personal life, it has held me back, – and frustrated me – A LOT.

So if you’re great consultant, expert or practitioner but you’re feeling endlessly frustrated by feelings of discontent, or are in a constant state of improvement, especially when it comes to your un-launched business, then this could be something for you to consider.

I know the feeling, but trust me when I say the best way to deal with your inner perfectionist is to take her or him gently by the hand and take some concrete action steps.

If it suddenly feels overwhelming – feel free to chunk down big tasks into microtasks.  I’ve learnt you can get the most amazing results (and you’ll feel much better inside) when you take some action and get some customer feedback. The only way to get over this is by putting you and your business out there.

2. Over-capitalising on Training

It’s great to have an open mind when it comes to education and believing there’s always more to learn is crucial when you’re running a business. Seeking out ways to develop professionally can be very useful, except when it gets in the way of your livelihood. Many of my clients have told me that they did not feel comfortable launching until they were up with the latest industry training.

I understand this but I also know from my own experience doing more training feels really good. You’re in a safe and supportive community of learners, everyone is on the same level and there’s no real need to put yourself out there or test yourself in any way in a learning environment.

If this sounds familiar remember, once you’ve attained technical competence your best learning experience will come from being on the job. Your customers are much more likely to resonate with a history of invaluable experience compared to a list of qualifications.

3. Waiting for the Perfect Business Idea

Have you been waiting for the perfect business idea to come along and trump your current ideas? How much time have you spent so far thinking of ideas? If you’ve spent more than a couple months I’d say you’ve spent long enough.

What is perfect anyway? It exists only as an ideal created in our own heads. What is perfect to you will not be perfect to another. Sometimes the unrealistic standards we set ourselves can paralyse us from taking any action.

You’ll actually learn the most about whether an idea will fly or not by actually putting it out there and seeing how your audience responds.

4. Waiting for the Perfect Time to Launch

There is certainly no denying that planning your launch is a smart move. Just don’t waste your valuable time waiting for ‘perfect’. Waiting will only limit your energy levels and hugely reduce your chances of making meaningful connections with potential customers.

Now is actually the right time to start launching and putting yourself out there. If you’re not sure how download our free workbook Step Into Your Yes: 5 Steps To Help You Step into Your Power, Overcome Your Fear of Selling, Build Your List and Grow A Business You Love. Check out step #5 and you’ll find an action plan to help you get started this week!

5. Waiting to Be “Discovered”

Unfortunately Hollywood has conditioned us to believe in the chances of being discovered by a thought leader like Oprah Winfrey. While this might happen to 0.001% of the population most successful business owners will tell you their success has been years in the making and they worked extremely hard to get it.

So instead of waiting for an opportunity to be discovered – be intentional about creating them. What media outlets would you like to be picked up by? Which publishing house do you want to publish your book? Set your intentions and start working toward them. By diligently growing my Twitter audience I did catch the eye of a prominent American women’s leadership magazine and media network and I’ll be publishing my first column with them shortly.  This was the result of the diligent, weekly work I did to create my brand, write original and inspiring content.

Ready to Fix the “Mindset Mud”?

If any of this hits home with you then I encourage you to download our free checklist: Step Into Your Yes: 5 Steps To Help You Step into Your Power, Overcome Your Fear of Selling, Build Your List and Grow A Business You Love. It has some great guidance on how to deal with these mindset traps and a checklist to help you make a plan to become more visible.

I’d love to hear how you go with the tips I’ve shared here. Feel free to email me at hello@jenramsey.com or make a comment in the box below.

Until next time, take care and take inspired action!


Jen xx