Fear of Selling

If you have a fear of selling and shudder at the words “self-promotion” then know this, you are not alone! Nor are you doomed. While none of us love selling, I know first hand that for heart-centered entrepreneurs it can be much more than a chore, it can be a constant fear that is holding back you, your business and your success.

A fear of selling and self-promotion will stop your business from growing and it can also damage your personal growth. This is because those of us who aren’t natural salespeople tend to undermine our own success by selling ourselves short. And I get why – even though ‘selfies’ are everywhere – we’re still working against a lot of ingrained cultural conditioning about the negatives of ‘big-noting’ ourselves.

Frankly, this is even harder for women than men. Typically we’ll want to make sure our offering is perfect before we put ourselves out there in any meaningful way.

One of my beautiful clients Sally fell into this trap. Her beautiful nature, combined with her amazing skills, were a blessing to all around her, but her concern about “selling” and issues around “money” stopped her from charging her worth and serving her audience. She was struggling to make money with this mindset and the situation became worse when her husband went back to study and she had to support their family of five single-handedly.

The problem is this fear and lack of self-belief has the power to either make or break your business.

The good news is – there are ways to overcome your fear of selling and any uncertainties you have about self-promotion and you can start right now by taking a moment to consider two vitally important things:

1. Understand where your fear of selling is coming from 

It is important to realise that your fear isn’t something you were born with, it had to start somewhere. Are there any particular incidents that made you start doubting yourself or your offer? Or is there a specific stage in the selling process that stops you from gaining more customers or closing a deal? Pinpointing the source of your fear will allow you to accept the problem and help you to move on.

2. Shift your focus from selling to serving 

Heart-centered entrepreneurs may have a fear of selling, but we relish any opportunity to help our customers and improve their lives. People seek your services for a reason. They want your help because they believe in and like what you have to offer. Rejoice in the fact that you actually aren’t here to sell you are here to serve. Flip the focus from you to your clients and see “selling” in a whole new light.

If you’d like to dig into this a little deeper and really look at how you can overcome this fear of selling and self-promotion once and for all . Called Step IntoYour Yes Rate – 5 Simple Steps to Overcome Your Fear of Selling, Grow a Business You Love and Manifest the Clients of Your Dreams it will help you get your 2017 off to a great start. It’s a simple 5 step process that could change everything about your business for the better.

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