I had a big realisation last week about myself and my attitude to my business that made sense of my last couple of months. You see I’d been off colour for a while – not enough to rest in bed  – but just unwell enough to feel extremely tired and pretty average as I went about things. Then when I thought things should be better, they got worse. About two weeks ago I was hit by waves of vertigo that were pretty un-nerving and, at one point, dangerous. Well, if nothing else the vertigo made me STOP,  look at what I was doing and finally seek some health advice.

So I got some advice (flare up of glandular fever) and slowed down enough now to observe the dialogue in my head. Let me tell you it wasn’t all sunshine and unicorns. The dialogue was all about FRUSTRATION – about where I was at and where I thought I wanted to be with business; about backend technology that wasn’t working etc etc. I was looking at what I did not have and not experiencing any GRATITUDE for what I did have – which is a lot. I have wonderful, inspiring and heart-centred clients who are experiencing great success (one of my clients made it to page 1 of Google for his local business, after months in search engine oblivion) and I certainly wasn’t feeling grateful about some projects I’m nurturing right now (kind of interesting for a girl who practiced gratitude journalling throughout 2015!)

What happened next was mind-blowing and was when the light bulb really flipped on. I was still feeling pretty unwell – but as soon as I turned around my thoughts to feelings of gratitude and focused on everything that was going well I started to feel better – throughout my body. It was like the cells in my body were just waiting to be bathed in the feelings of gratitude and love rather than the angry feelings of frustration and not good enough. Since then I’ve been feeling 100% better in my head … and my physical health has been improving too … provided I keep up the gratitude and the rest!

I’m sharing this here because I know in business on some days we can all get frustrated and wonder what it is all for – even if we have set the best intentions and the highest, most values-based goals for ourselves. If you ever feel this way perhaps try focusing on what is working and what is going well right now. I was pretty amazed at my results and I hope you might be too.

If you have any insights that you’d like to share about gratitude and how you experience it in your life and business please make a comment below. I believe the more we support each other the better we, our businesses, our communities and our world will be. We’re also living in a time when we need to reach out to each other – the things that have happened recently in our world certainly indicate a need for more care and compassion – toward ourselves and others!

Have a beautiful day! Love