5 Tips to help you tell your story

There is an old saying that: ‘people buy from people they know, like and trust’ and that is absolutely true.

To help create an irresistible offer for your audience so you can build your list and make more sales, you need to share some of yourself with your customers.

While I’m not suggesting you do a ‘Kim Kardashian ‘tell-all’, people do need to feel “you” in your offer to them. Those people who share their story, and their journey, are the people who become relatable to the audience very quickly.

I remember a few years ago I was looking for  some earrings to go with my wedding dress. The dress itself had some very beautiful French brocade on the bodice so earrings were the only piece of jewellery I was going to wear. I looked and looked and finally found a wonderful artist and jeweller, Chrissa Alexion, at a local Saturday craft market. Her work was incredibly unusual and beautiful but, it was the story she told me of her life as a successful artist and creator that inspired me. I felt that she was woven into my earrings. Since then I have sought her out at other markets when I have wanted to buy special pieces for family and friends.

So what is that part of you that is woven into your product or service? How can you become memorable to your audience – so much so that they will continue to buy from you in the future?

How do you make sure you tell your story authentically in a way that engages people and brings them on the journey with you?

Here are five tips to help you build your brand, tell your story and become even more irresistible to your audience

1. Share some of your background

People love a great backstory – we all love to read more about the lives of the artists, film stars or writers that we like. So what is your backstory? Where have you come from?How has that influenced your current path? What is important to you?

2. What stories can you share that will bring your brand and your offer to life?

What stories can you tell that make your brand and your offer real and relatable to people? What are you sharing in your blog posts or other communication? Are you sharing facts or stories that make your offer real to your audience?

3. What flaws or failures can you share?

This might seem a strange and scary question for some people – but the research shows that people value leaders who share their flaws or failures. Why? Becuase it makes them more relatable! What story can you share that will make you relatable to your audience? The best way to share this type of story is to share the difficulty and then what you did to solve the problem (hint: this will be related to your offer).

4. What’s your viewpoint?

What is your opinion or stance on things? People are drawn to people who have a view and believe in something.  I promise you – you will build a following and a great and committed audience if you stand up and count for something. There are a lot of ‘also-rans’ in the world who blend in. What is your viewpoint that makes you stand out from the crowd? I chose my current mentor because she had a very controversial viewpoint!

5. What is your identity?

As human beings, we fall into what is known as general ‘archetypes’ – or characters that people recognise. Think about people in your life – there will be people who are jokers, people who are very serious and studious, people who are experts and people who are adventurers or crusaders. What is your identity? Are you a leading expert in your field? Have you won awards? Are you a facilitator or curator of information? (Think of Maria Popover of brainpickings.com.) Are you are a people’s hero – someone who has learnt something that you think will make a difference to other people’s lives? Have you got great testimonials to back this up? The important thing here is to be aware that people relate to different types of people – and if you have a clear identity it will help your audience or tribe relate to you.

So what part of you would you like to share with your audience? I’d love to hear your comments in our comments section below!

Also, if you would like more information about how to tell your story and create an irresistible offer that will increase your sales and build your list – then please ., or please feel free to email me at hello@jenramsey.com or connect with me on Facebook here  facebook(2)   or Twitter here twitter . I’m looking forward to starting a conversation with you.

Have a great day!

Jen xoxo