We all hate ‘being sold to’ wouldn’t you agree? But why is it  – that if we all hate being sold to –  do we still buy things every day?

Think of a discretionary purchase you have made in the last couple of days.  By discretionary I mean a purchase that didn’t involve survival (such as groceries or fuel for your car). Why did you make that purchase in that place from those people?

I would suggest you made it because the purchase solved a problem for you. You didn’t feel sold to because the person or company who sold you the item made you an offer that was irresistible in that moment! Their offer solved a problem (big or small) for you.

A couple of weeks ago I needed to buy a last-minute gift to add to my Dad’s birthday celebration (one that didn’t involve socks or underwear!). I had been working a lot and was running short on time so I went to my amazing local bookstore, Avid Reader, to buy him a book. Why did I go to Avid? Because I knew that I would receive some good recommendations from the owner, Fiona; the store opened early in the day (I needed to purchase it before I drove an hour and a half to meet my parents for lunch); they would have gift cards; and they would gift wrap the book … for free!

The offer that Avid made solved a problem for me. It offered quality products, was open when I needed it to be and it offered a value-added extra (gift-wrapping) that cemented the deal. They were my first and only choice. It was a no-brainer for me to go there to make the purchase.

So how do you make more sales, without selling? You need to make your offer irresistible. And it must be comprehensively irresistible! It needs to solve every part of your audience’s problem!

My question to you is: how is your offer solving your audience’s problem? What are you doing to help take away your audience’s pain? Is it FULLY solving their problem – or is it half-baked? Do you know enough about your audience to make sure your offer really meets their needs? Is it irresistible enough that you are the only choice in your audience’s eyes? What value-added extra can you offer that will help seal the deal with your customers? What gift are you giving your audience to solve their problems?

The other good news is that if you make sure your offer is irresistible you will feel more comfortable marketing your product because you can see the value that you are offering your customer. You will understand and be able to fully communicate the value you are offering! It is a win-win situation.

So how can you make sure your offer is irresistible? Here are  9 factors we consider critical to creating an offer that your audience will love:

 Irresistibility Factors

1.Value – what value are you offering your customer? What specific problem are they experiencing that you can solve? What does your offer do that no-one else does?

2. Surprise extras or free bonuses – what could you offer your customer that will surprise and delight them? Is there a ‘free’ element you could offer? Research shows time and again that a ‘free’ offer will attract and convert customers.

3. Specific offer messaging – what are you communicating to your audience about your offer? Is your communication clear and targeted? Does it clearly spell out how you solve your audience’s problem?

4. Delivery – how are you delivering your offer? Does it suit your audience’s needs? What is your fulfillment process?

5. Communication expectations – what are your customers’ expectations about communication from you? How regularly will your customers expect to hear from you?

6. Credibility markers  – what platforms are you using to build credibility with your customers? How will they get to know, like and trust you enough to buy from you?

7. Customer service – What are your customers’ expectations about customer service? How will you deal with complaints? What is your returns policy?

8. Price – What is your price point in your market? What is your true cost to develop and deliver your product? Does your audience have the income to pay for your product?

9. Sales process – What does your sales funnel look like? Do your sales methods suit your customers? What is your guarantee process? How are you using timing and scarcity to maximise your opportunities?

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Til next time – have fun becoming irresistible!


Jen xo

P.S. The other good news is that the book was a hit! My Dad told me yesterday he’s just finished the book and loved it!!