Strategy #4 of our 5 Simple Strategies to Build the Business and Lifestyle You Dream Of


The saying “build it and they will come”‘ was popularised by Kevin Costner’s baseball movie Field of Dreams. The thing is – in this noisy, short-attention-span world that we live in – we must let people know we are alive and kicking if we want them to come to our particular party!

Today’s post focuses on “Putting Yourself Out There to Create Leads and Community”. It’s the fourth of five strategies in our series on Simple Strategies to Build the Business and Lifestyle You Dream Of. This step-by-step series will help you make a difference in the lives of others and create a great income for you and your family.

This is a really significant step in our series – once you step over the threshold by taking the actions we recommend in this post you will not look back. If you have been in business for some time, or you are new to business – these strategies will work for you. Please enjoy and, most importantly, take action!


Strategy #Four: Putting yourself out there to create leads and community

Step One: Step into the mindset of putting yourself out there 

Once you are crystal clear on your offer and you have a great lead magnet and offer presentation it’s time put yourself out there! Your business simply won’t grow if you are being a wallflower. It’s one thing to build a website and create a range of social media accounts – it’s quite another to put yourself out there and start selling yourself.

This was a BIG realisation for me in my business. No-one was going to ‘come to my party’ until I started to put myself out there and tell people about the offer I had for them. Just because I am great at what I do, having worked with many clients to help them get their special message out there, doesn’t mean that anyone beyond that circle knew or cared.

Here’s the other BIG realisation –  that I didn’t consciously realise at the time – I was the cause of the bottleneck. It was only when I looked again at why a part of my business was not progressing beyond a certain point that I realised that the problem was actually me! I was the one standing in my own way. I was not putting myself out there due to my own feelings of not good enough and being nervous about being judged! Wow! That stopped me in my tracks!

The good news was that as soon as I realised the roadblock was actually me, and my mindset, I could do something about it. I was able to put a plan in place. So what did I do? I made a detailed action plan to put myself out there anyway. I also made sure I had the coaching support to push myself beyond the mental barriers I had about myself. My plan involved “putting myself out there” in person and also virtually – the next couple of steps give you a sense of how you can do this for yourself.

My question to you is – are you doing everything you can to put yourself out there? Are there any subsconscious roadblocks that are stopping you from reaching your full potential?

Step Two: Put yourself out there – in person

A really radical idea is to put yourself out there in person! With the amazing online space and tech available to us now it can feel easier to promote yourself from behind your computer – but, to be frank, the best way to get to know more about your audience is to actually see some of them and work with them face-to-face. It might sound old fashioned but it is an amazing way to get to know what your tribe really wants.

So how do you put yourself out there in person? It really depends on who your audience is and where they hang out. The bottom line is –  you need to create opportunities to start speaking about your offer in front of people. If you want to build your business locally then offer to speak at local Meet Up Groups with an audience that matches your tribe. Look at tapping into other networks like local women’s groups, local business networking groups, your Chamber of Commerce or local mothers’ groups. Think about who is in your personal circle who might have links to some of these groups or a mailing list or network of their own that would love to hear more about your offer.

You can also start to put yourself out there by seeking opportunities to appear in the media. For this, you will need a newsworthy media pitch that is linked to you and your offer. It must be newsworthy otherwise, you will not get a run.

Whatever you choose to do here you must make sure you have your whole offer pitch absolutely ready to go. You must have a presentation that clearly sets out your offer and that resonates with your audience. Once you have this in hand, make a list of groups you want to talk to or media you want to approach and then start doing it!

Step Three: Put yourself out there virtually

If you want to take advantage of online business then you need to start putting yourself out there virtually. Again you need to know who your audience is and where they are hanging out virtually. If you are ready to go with your offer start looking for opportunities to speak on podcasts, Facebook Live shows, tele-summits or create and market your own webinar. (Just remember with webinars there are particular formats that you need to follow to ensure you progress your audience through the process to a logical end point and sale).

Creating and hosting your own Facebook Live show is another powerful way to build your know, like and trust factor. Whatever you do – take the opportunity to put yourself out there. The options are endless – you just need to commit to yourself and create the mindset of putting yourself out there! I realise this can be nerve-wracking at first – but let me tell you I have trained hundreds of people in getting over their nerves when speaking in front of a group! It is all about mindset and about taking a deep breath to dive in!  It’s only when we really get out of your comfort zone will we make the big leaps that we need to make in our business.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

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Maybe you have a friend or colleague who might find these strategies the game-changer that they need in their business? If so, share the love!

Much love!

Jen xo

P.S. Stay tuned for next week’s post where we bring it all together in Strategy # 5 – the final of our series!