Have you ever been in a large crowd at a concert with friends and tried to get their attention so you could go closer to the stage? With all of the noise from the crowd and the band, it was tough huh? Even though you’re close friends it can be hard to be heard through all of the noise and activity. Well, it can be the same with your offer. Maybe you have a great offer and are passionate about bettering your customer’s lives – but sometimes they don’t respond amidst all of the other noise in the marketplace? Unless your call to action is clear and compelling enough it can be hard for them to focus on you.

This can be even more frustrating if you’re a conscious entrepreneur and you feel like you’re doing all of the right things with your marketing like producing original and engaging content across a variety of platforms. Maybe you have thousands of followers on your Instagram or Facebook page but still your sales aren’t increasing?

If this is the case – then you may be lacking a clear and compelling call to action that appeals to your audience. What I mean by this is maybe, just maybe you aren’t making it super easy for people to take the next step with you? Our customers need really clear signposts that allow them to easily follow a flow of information to the purchasing stage.

How to create a compelling call to action that actually works

If you are frustrated that your list is not growing the way you want it to you and you know you should be making more sales, check out these four tips to help you create a compelling call to action that works:

1. Don’t be Shy – Take Advantage of What You Own

Remember that each of your assets, whether it be your website, an Instagram post or Facebook Live, has the capacity to engage and drive sales. Make your call to action whenever you get the chance. Please don’t miss an opportunity simply because you think there is no point. Your call to action should be used in way that links all of your online marketing and encourages your ideal customer to get to know you more. For example – shorter text in a Facebook post can compel someone to find out more by clicking a link to an in-depth article on your website.

Don’t be shy about making your call to action, take advantage of all your marketing tools.

2. Don’t Miss an Opportunity – Consistency is Key

While you may be using your call to action across all of your platforms, make sure not to place more value on one. Use a consistent tone across the board. Sometimes people might focus all of your attention on their website just because that’s where the transaction is made, but chances are that your website is not the only place where people will first engage with your brand. While a Google search will help people find you, many people are more likely to come across you on social media.

The extra effort of making your call to action consistently clear and strong everywhere you market yourself and your brand will pay off. So do a quick audit of your social platforms. Here’s a simple checklist to make sure you’re not missing any opportunities:

  • Does every one of your platforms mention your offer and is there a chance to link through to get your first freebie?
  • Is the language you’re using about your offer compelling and engaging for your audience?
  • Is the language you’re using consistent everywhere?
  • Is there a simple and easy way for people to get to know more about you and what your offering?
  • Do you have a buy now or register now button on your website? Just placing one of these buttons on your website, along with a compelling call to action, can double your sales.

3.Create a Ladder of Calls to Action – Timing is Everything

While we’ve all heard the phrase “timing is everything”, it should not be taken lightly when it comes to your call to action. Your call to action should come at a time that feels natural and non-invasive to your audience – it should be the logical next step. An audience should not consciously notice when you make it and they certainly should not feel pushed into anything.

A way to think about creating your call to action is to think about taking steps up a ladder. Your first call to action will focus on offering a freebie or opt in that your audience will find highly valuable and useful. Once this offer is made you can then progress to the next level, where you might offer a piece of paid content and so it goes until you’ve ascended your customers.

Make a high-level call for a sale too early and you run the risk of looking insincere and desperate, something that makes customers run the other way. Making it too late reduces the chance of customers actually seeing it – they probably exited the building long ago to seek help from a competitor. Find that perfect place in your customer’s journey where they trust and like you. Making your call to action here will encourage them to pursue it.

4. Is Your Call to Action Compelling and Suited to Your Customers?

You could execute all three points above perfectly, but if it is not in the language your customers use, and if it doesn’t respond to a specific problem they have, then it still won’t be enough for your call to action to have maximum impact. Think about the wording and tone you use, does it reflect the kind of person you want to attract? Don’t be tempted to use generic phrases that people see and read day after day. Differentiate yourself by focusing on the issues and problems that are unique to your audience and how you can solve them. Make it exciting and positive to compel your audience to take the next step with you.

Want to explore how to develop your compelling call to action?

If you’re not clear on what that next step is or you want to learn more about creating a compelling call to action I invite you to download my free workbook: Step Into Your Yes: 5 Steps To Help You Step into Your Power, Overcome Your Fear of Selling, Build Your List and Grow A Business You Love.

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Until next time, take care and take inspired action!


Jen xx