How to be happy and more confident within yourself is the theme of Episode 1 of the new Your Freedom Unlimited podcast hosted by with me, Jen Ramsey.  I’m so glad you’re here.

How to be happy and more confident with Your Freedom Unlimited

This show is all about freedom! Yours!

Have you ever felt caught in the trap of working really hard now in the hope of feeling more free later?  Do you sometimes feel like you’re putting a lot of the things you really enjoy in life on hold in the hope you’ll have more time in the future?

I know I have and I found that the way of life just didn’t work for me. And this seems to be the case for alot of people with the growing stats on stress, anxiety, burnout and illness. The United Kingdom even has a Minister for Loneliness. 

So many of my coaching clients tell me the things they used to do to get results in their business, work or personal lives are no longer cutting it.

How to Be Happy?

What we need is a 21st century upgrade to the way we do life, the way we use our mind  and interact with our world.

What do I mean by this? If the way we’re approaching life isn’t working for us why not change it?

Let’s think of it this way …

  • Would you be happy driving a Model T Ford or a  2020 Tesla?
  • Would you be happy using a 1995 brick phone or the latest smart phone?
  • Would you be seen wearing the fashion of your teen years (heaven forbid I’d be wearing a 1980’s neon pink rah rah skirt) or something from today?

If it makes sense to update the technology we use in our daily life why wouldn’t we want to upgrade the way we use our mind and interact with the world so we can feel less stress, anxiety and self-doubt? And more freedom, happiness and confidence? 

I feel it does. 

Why wait to get “there” to some utopian destination to feel good … I’ll show you how to get “there” now.

How to Be Happy and More Confident with Your Freedom Unlimited

That’s why I’ve created Your Freedom Unlimited and this podcast.

Here I’ll be showing you how YOU hold the keys to your freedom and that you can literally unlock the door to whatever jail cell you’ve put yourself in and throw away the keys RIGHT NOW.

What is Your Freedom Unlimited?

Your Freedom Unlimited is an approach to life that allows us to be stronger, happier, more confident and connected to ourselves – so we do the things that matters most to us.

It means strength, freedom, happiness and success on your terms – whether it be in your relationships, with your health, your business, career or finances.

Because the truth is YOU have the power to create a brand new story for your life and your relationships. When YOU choose your new story and your perspective, you can change your experience anytime, anywhere.  And I have done this – I have turned what looked like an impossible situation around and made it possible.

Your Freedom Unlimited draws on quantum physics, neuroscience, metaphysics, spirituality, the Law of Attraction, the Teachings of Joshua, modern psychology and hypnotherapy to create practical strategies that work in our lives. 

In this show we’re going to explore things like consciousness, the greater reality, abundance, mindset, freedom, purpose and doing what matters most in our lives. 

This is food for the soul and the mind.

How to Be Happy and More Confident with Your Freedom Unlimited

How Will It Work?

Every week I’ll be interviewing someone to hear how they have found freedom in their life. I have some great guests lined up for you.

I’ll also share with you weekly how you can live the Freedom Unlimited lifestyle with practical strategies and tips that you can start to use now. I’ll be talking about how to manage your mindset, your emotional frequency and how to consciously create a new story for your life.

How do I know it works? 

Everything I share is proven and used with my corporate and private clients now. Many tools are backed by evidence, and everything I’ve tested on myself. I want to give you the tools so you can take action on what is most important to you.

Who Is This Show For?

It is for anyone who’s ready to take action – but aren’t sure how. It’s also for anyone who’s feeling stuck.

This show is also for anyone who’s experiencing self-doubt, imposter syndrome, anxiety or a fear of success.

A Little About Your Host

So who am I? I’m from Australia (yes that’s my accent). I grew up on a property in the beautiful Australian bush and had a loving family and fun childhood in the outdoors.

Fast forward I gained my business degree and worked corporately in communication and marketing. I spoke at conferences and managed multi-million dollar client lists. As part of this I did a lot of communication training and realised how much I enjoyed helping people to see their true potential and to step into it.

BUT I also realised about 8 years ago that I probably had a PhD in stuckness as a result of anxiety. 

On the outside I looked like I had it all – high-functioning and successful in my career and business and personal life but on the inside I was a mess.  The impact of my anxiety on me personally and my relationships was devastating. 

I got to the point where I knew I needed to find another way. So I did. I went on a journey of empowerment. I’ve delved deep into science, spirituality and the mystery to come to truly live a happy, abundant and most of all free life.  

I unlocked the secret and turned everything around.

Today I have a great life and business, a loving family and a gorgeous pup Lucy. I coach clients, speak at and produce events and workshops, blog and now podcast. 

In my spare time I love to meditate, do yoga, dance and do art. I love travel … and a crisp margarita – especially on a beach in Bail!

And that is what I’m keen to share with you on Your Freedom Unlimited. … not the margarita (although that would be fun) … I want to share with you how you can unlock more freedom within yourself. How to come home and feel truly free within yourself to be, do and have whatever is most important to you.

How to Be Happy and More Confident with Your Freedom Unlimited

Your Freedom Unlimited is About How To Be Happy Now & Getting Stuff Done!

Most of us have had goals and dreams that slip – I know I said to myself I’ll do it next week, next month, next year – and somehow time seemed to evaporate.

All of this can leave us feeling frustrated and annoyed at ourselves. So I show you how to stop feeling stuck or find your new edge.

How? I help you do YOU and LIFE in a very DIFFERENT way. Listen to Episode Two if you want to hear more about that!

Launching in the COVID-19 Pandemic

What’s so interesting is that I’m launching this show right now in the pandemic. I believe in divine timing. There are no accidents. And right now – when we are truly in the grip of change and uncertainty I’m hoping this show will shine a little light, help you find a little more peace and share another perspective on how to navigate these truly unprecedented times.

Feedback Please

How to Be Happy and More Confident with Your Freedom Unlimited

This podcast has been a long time in the making and I’d love to know your thoughts. Please email me at with what you’d like to see in the show and your questions! 

Please Share

This show is about helping you feel more happy, free, authentic and aligned. A way to feel better – on the daily. 

There is no need for you to wait to get “there” to some utopian destination to feel good … I’ll show you how to get “there” now  …

Please share this episode with anyone you feel might benefit! Until next time take great care. 

Jen xoxo