In this truly magical episode internationally acclaimed musician Manose shares his journey from boyhood in Nepal to life on the global stage sharing his music and message of peace. John Densmore from The Doors has said of Manose: “The sound of Manose’s flutes, are the sound of the Gods… there is a direct link. If you’re open to it, they will speak through him”.

Eckhart Tolle has said of Manose’s work: “Music for inner stillness.”

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In this episode we share with Manose:

  • How he has experienced the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown after 25 years touring internationally
  • The bliss and power of connecting with the joy within
  • How he harnessed suffering in his early life through playing his bansuri flute
    – How he literally opened the door to his own blessing in a temple in Kathmandu
    – What freedom means to him
    – The sacred power and magic of music and mantra
  • What he has learnt touring with Deva Premal and Miten in places ranging from Russia to Costa Rica
  • Why he continues to tour and share his music
  • How music can be a bridge to growing the silence within in order to understand the meaning of life and love.

Manose plays his beautiful flute for us, shares some Rumi poetry and blesses us all with his presence.

This is an episode that will truly take you on a journey into the sacred temples of Kathmandu and into the realm of wonder, love and beauty. If you would like to drift away for an hour of pure enjoyment and freedom listen in.

To continue the journey with Manose and his music you can listen to his most recent offering “Corazon” – a song inspired by the spirits of the Amazon, Greek Olive grove and Indian plains here:

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