A deep love of, and connection to nature, the earth and the wisdom of our First Nations Peoples are the focus of our interview with Iris Ray Nunn on Your Freedom Unlimited this week. Iris is an established writer and has just released her first book: “Climbing the World’s Tallest Tree”.

Based in Australia’s beautiful Byron Bay she is also a playwright, environmental activist, aromatherapist, nature guide and film producer.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Iris’s near-death experience as a child and how this shaped her view of the world
  • Her experiences as an environmental activist and how she dealt with the fear of being arrested as part of this work
  • The wisdom and learnings from her time travelling and living with Australia’s First Nation’s peoples
  • Her views on the reality of the current climate crisis as a spiritual crisis
  • Her experience of navigating the grief of her step-son’s untimely death and the gift he ultimately gave her
  • The journey of writing her book “Climbing The World’s Tallest Tree”
  • The opportunities for freedom available to all of us.

As a nature guide Iris shares her deep love of the environment when she takes guests on retreat into the Australian bush to learn how to listen deeply to nature.

She is also the creator of Australian Body Balm – handmade from trees lovingly grown on pristine Githabul Country west of Kyogle in Australia.

Iris’s creative pursuits don’t end there as she has also completed a mini-documentary called Raw Action for submission to Sundance Film Festival.

To buy Iris’s book “Climbing The World’s Tallest Tree”, or her body balm and connect with her visit: deeplisteningtonature.com

To connect with Iris on social media visit:




Other references made in the show:

Uncle Bob Randall’s documentary Kanyini – https://play.google.com/store/movies/details?id=dUEfkjguGxM&fbclid=IwAR3V-AUGkKoJ-8rJ4g3YRLweWh97rPDiVWC3QyRKmfTQLdRtxW8UlxwOomQ

Guy Sebastion’s “Choir” – https://youtu.be/G9xXMGzW8NY

You can watch the episode here:

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