The power of caring for others, non-judgment, diving deeper into love, trust and connection are the themes of this week’s powerful conversation with Aunty Barbara Randall, wife of renowned Aboriginal Elder Uncle Bob Randall. Rebuilding trust between cultures, how to break free from limiting beliefs and the cultural connection possible across continents are just part of this fascinating discussion with one of the wise elders of our times.

This is Part One of a two-part episode with Barbara.

In this episode Barbara shares:

  • how her grandparents pioneered a loving approach to caring for special needs children in the 1920s – with no child ever turned away
  • how her parents continued the powerful work at Camp Cuheca and Waterford Country School with a focus on joy, happiness, and service
  • the medicine of connection, love, family relationships, nature and animals
  • the power of loving acceptance and non-judgment
  • how her early life prepared her for life with much loved Aboriginal Elder Uncle Bob Randall
  • the cultural connection possible across continents
  • the role of loyalty, trust, care, compassion in life
  • how we all have the capacity to live in a good way, in beauty and in an inclusive way caring for others
  • the links between the focus on care at her grandparent’s school and the teachings of her husband’s, Uncle Bob Randall, ancient culture in Australia
  • the deep messages she has received over the years in relation to the foundational nature of love and going deeper into love and trust
  • her views on the energy of the super consciousness of creation – the fact we all come from an ocean of oneness
  • how to break free from limiting self-beliefs
  • honouring each person’s need to belong and connect and our birthright to be ourselves – perfect exactly as we are
  • how to rebuild trust between different people and cultures.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Camp Cuheca and Waterford Country School –

Cornell University – Care model for improving services for children in out-of-home care.ttps://

Treading Lightly by Karl-Erik Sveiby and Tex Skuthorpe –

You can watch the episode here:

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