Trust – How To Revolutionise Your Relationship With This Master Frequency

Trust … How much do you trust yourself and how much do you trust the world around you? What if you revolutionized your relationship with trust? What changes could you make in your life? In this week’s episode of Your Freedom Unlimited, I share how trust has made me feel happier, less anxious and allowed me to live my passion.

Today we’re going to be talking about another incredible master frequency. I know I say each frequency has revolutionized my life but it is true. Each frequency does create incredible change and today’s is one of the big ones …  trust. 

I’m talking about trust at three levels:

  • Trust that we are supported by the universe
  • Trust that everything is working out for us
  • Trust in ourselves to do what is right, because of our connection with our inner selves.

When I talk about trust it’s likely I’m flipping your worldview of how you might have lived your life up until now. 

So many of us have been conditioned by the media and general societal conditions to believe that the world is a tough place. The news delivered into our homes every night tells us that things are bad and the future is bleak. And that we should try and stay safe and manage our fear by controlling everything.

Trust – How To Revolutionise Your Relationship With This Master Frequency

So what I’m proposing to you today with this massive frequency of trust that we choose to flip everything on its head, and look at the world from a completely different perspective.


  1. Because our current way of thinking is not getting us anywhere
  2. Quantum physics tells us the observer affects the observed. What we focus on is what we get
  3. I’ve seen how my life changed when I changed my worldview and started to trust. My old focus on safety and control kept me very, very small. No matter how I tried to control my world I was still living in fear.

Trust We Are Supported by the Universe or Consciousness

So in the last couple of years I seriously tried on the idea of trust.  I started with the idea that we are supported by the Universe or Consciousness. I’ve shared this story before on this podcast but to recap I was washing the dishes late one night listening to a podcast where yet one more channel was sharing this idea of universal love and support. Until then I’d been sceptical and hadn’t really believed it. But that night as I was washing the dishes I let go and made a decision that I was going to give this idea a go. 

That decision was profound and changed the course of my life.  It was like a domino effect of beautiful changes. I was led to books and teachers, I dove into yoga even more deeply and it led me to living a much more authentic and happy life doing what I love today coaching, running workshops and sharing on this podcast. All of this from my decision to try on this idea that I am supported by the Universe.

Trust Everything is Working Out For Us

Very closely aligned to trusting we are supported by consciousness is that everything is working out for us. This is where we get to work with trust on a daily – and moment by moment – basis.

This is powerful. I realised just how powerful when a few months ago a very dear friend of mine told me she got over a very serious depression by living this daily concept in her life.

Trust – How To Revolutionise Your Relationship With This Master Frequency

How does this work In a practical sense? It means integrating and living the idea of trust in our daily lives.

So last week I had a difficult conversation with a colleague about how we were approaching a project. We are very close and this was probably the first time in all our years of working together that we’d ever had a difference of opinion. But I knew I had to have the conversation – so with my mantra of “everything is always working out for me … and us” I had the conversation.

What did this mean practically? It meant I:

  • set the intention that it was going to work out for both us
  • entered the conversation with less fear and more confidence
  • was more open to what I was going to hear from her. 

We resolved the situation. Why because I trusted that we would. Because I trusted I had far less fear, resistance and concern about what she might think.

This is what can happen when we use these frequencies well in our lives. 

Fear and trust cannot exist in the same place energetically. Trust automatically knocks fear out of the ring.

A more advanced extension of this concept that I work with people on is trusting that things are working out for us – even if we do not get the outcome that we want in the moment. This is calling in trust with a capital T and it is based on the belief that we are the creators of our realities.

It is about helicoptering up and understanding from the bigger picture that everything is working out for us, and that there’s a lesson and a teaching for us in every situation. And while we may not feel or see it in the moment it will become clear to us in future weeks or months or years.

When I look back on my first marriage I can see now that even though the break up at the time was very bad there have been benefits for both us. Looking back, I see how that was perfect for my development and my growth and that of my husband. 

Trust In Ourselves – Because of Our Connection to Source

The final part of this master frequency of trust is trust in ourselves because of our connection to Source.

A practical example of me having trust in myself was my maiden voyage teaching my first yoga class. 

My yoga journey has, and continues to be, amazing. Since I started yoga 17 years ago I have always dreamt of teaching a class in the hope I could share the joy I’ve found in yoga. 

So this year I’m doing my teacher training – and I’ve learnt there is A LOT that goes into teaching a great class – everything from the breathwork, the postures and alignment through to finding the words to instruct a class people will really enjoy. 

Last weekend it was time to teach my first class. In preparation I offered to teach a class to a couple of family members. Boy I was nervous!!!

Trust – How To Revolutionise Your Relationship With This Master Frequency

But I soon realized my nerves were toxic. I needed to let go and trust that I have been doing yoga for a long time and that my deep love of yoga as a spiritual practice would shine through. I needed to trust that everything was going to work out in this first class even if I didn’t get every posture, or sequence exactly right. I needed to trust myself that if I held the right intention, and that if I allowed the essence of my love for yoga to come through, that I’d lead a class they would really enjoy.

This to me is a great example of making a decision to use this frequency practically in my life. I needed to trust myself, and that things would work out – which is easy when you are being authentic and coming from my heart. 

So I ran the class. Did I get every single order of the postures in the right and did I give every single instruction correctly? No, But my nephew, who has done many classes said he felt that it was of a standard that he’d experienced elsewhere. He also said he felt supported.

So, this was a great example of me leaving my fear at the door and stepping into trust.

How to Get More Comfortable with Trust

If you are finding this concept a little hard to wrap your arms around, perhaps just consider where you are trusting things in life now. 

Do you trust the sun is going to come up and go down every day? Do you trust the moon in its cycle of waxing and waning? Do you trust that you’ll have air to breath? 

Trust – How To Revolutionise Your Relationship With This Master Frequency

If so you are practicing trust – all you need to do is think about how you can extend that trust into other areas of your life.

This is a powerful tool and when you lean into this frequency and use it every day,  in every situation and when you approach your life from this perspective you will be amazed at what is possible.

Over To You

So this week see how you could work with tapping into this master frequency of trust in your life? How can you flip the lid on fear, and look at things through the lens of trust?

I’m not sure about you but I certainly feel that the old way of approaching life of being fearful and worried about what’s going on was not getting me anywhere. It’s time for a new way of approaching life and to give something like this a go.

It really does come down to you making a decision that you are going to trust yourself.

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