Letting go of a life focused on creating peace between countries to find peace within is the theme of this powerful episode with award-winning musician and sound-therapist Shervin Boloorian. Originally an Iranian refugee in the United Kingdom, Shervin rose to federal policy and peace coalition leadership roles in the United States before a serious health crisis led him to re-evaluate his life mission and purpose. 

Now based in Bali, Shervin has traversed many cultures to find freedom through natural music and sound therapy.   He presents living sound and music as medicine for deep relaxation, peace and connection to the unseen. His recent album “I Hear You, Mother Earth” has just won 3 awards at The 4th Annual Peace Song Awards (PSA) announced in Los Angeles on 21 September 2020.

In this episode Shervin shares with us:

  • His early life as a troubled refugee in the UK and his move to the US
  • The near-death experience in the US that turned his life around
  • His rise to policy and peace advisory work in the US
  • The pain of his health crisis and the moment he knew he needed to make a change
  • His healing journey supported by sound healing
  • His journey to become a sound healer himself
  • The courage it took to create a new life in Bali with his family
  • The power and healing essence of sound healing
  • The process of developing his latest award-winning album “I Hear You, Mother Earth”
  • The freedom and joy he now experiences on a daily basis living in Ubud, Bali making music, leading sound healing sessions and training others in sound healing.

You can watch the episode here:

Shervin presents various live music events and workshops regularly at the Yoga Barn in Bali and leads multi-instrumental sound healing trainings and private sessions in Ubud, where he is based. 

His second album, a collection of Rumi wisdom and Sufi-inspired songs, was endorsed by bestselling Rumi translator and poet, Coleman Barks.

To listen to his award-winning album click here.

To find out more about Shervin visit his website soundhealingbali.com here.

To listen to his music visit here: https://shervinboloorian.bandcamp.com/

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