he Neuroscience of Meditation and How to Exercise Your Brain for Peak Performance with Dr Andrew Newberg

The neuroscience of meditation, the potential for personal enlightenment, positive social change, and the new science of neurotheology are the focus of our interview this week with cutting-edge neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Newberg, Director of Research at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health and a physician at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. If you’ve ever wondered why meditation works and what the benefits of meditation are – listen in!

In this interview Andrew takes us on a deep dive into the findings of his book How God Changes the Brain, and the power of meditation. We discuss whether in fact, we are on the cusp of an evolutionary change in terms of the brain – and Andrew shares with us why yawning is so good for the brain.

 If you ever wondered how meditation works at a scientific level and wanted to understand how to optimise your brain for peak physical, mental and spiritual health listen in.

In this episode we discuss with Andrew:

  • How God changes your brain – more specifically how thinking about God changes the brain
  • His pioneering work in the new field of neurotheology
  • How meditation and spiritual practices affect our brains
  • His Kirtan Kriya meditation research for Alzheimersprevention.org that improved memory, reduced anxiety and depression, and improved resilience for older people experiencing memory loss
  • Why what we focus on in meditation is vitally important
  • The increase in compassion that arises from meditation practices that focus on love, joy, optimism, and hope 
  • Are we on the cusp of an evolutionary change in terms of the brain?
  • How meditation changes brain states to allow us to be more inclusive as a society and the potential benefits for society overall
  • How meditation can help us reach enlightenment
  • Recent research into the benefits of ayahuasca and psilocybin for people with long term depression
  • What types of meditation are best
  • How long and when to meditate
  • The benefits of yawning to help exercise the brain and enhance physical, mental, and spiritual health
  • Why faith is the #1 way to help exercise the brain and enhance physical, mental, and spiritual health

To connect with Andrew visit andrewnewberg.com or to get your copy of How God Changes the Brain click here

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