Overcoming Chronic Illness and Addiction to Create Freedom with Jay Rothman

Overcoming chronic illness and addiction are the powerful themes shared in this episode by transformational coach Jay Rothman. Jay was a typical modern American man, married with three children, a successful career and much of life’s material wealth.

On the outside Jay looked like he had it all but was completely empty on the inside. By the time Jay hit rock bottom and awoke, he was near death. Having lost himself in everything outside of himself, it was time for him to find out who he was within.

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Jay had to be willing to have the courage to change and walk away from his life as he knew it for 54 years. So began the journey of self discovery, defying the medical odds and healing his mind, body & soul. Having self healed from multiple major medical conditions, Jay shares his experience and knowledge with his clients who are ready to breakthrough to freedom.

In this episode

In this episode Jay shares with us:

  • How chronic illness offered the opportunity to turn his life around
  • His courageous and incredible five-year journey from 9 chronic illnesses and 5 addictions to full recovery and freedom
  • How he refused medical treatment for a serious condition and chose an alternative healing path that saw him recover fully and not need surgery
  • The power of surrender and courage to change
  • The deeply healing power of self-care
  • His 4A’s for healing – Awareness, Acceptance, Accountability and Action
  • The 4 pillars of his journey to wellness – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual awareness and healing 
  • The power of visualisation in healing and how he used Dr Joe Dispenza’s visualisation healing technique to create recovery
  • The freedom and joy he now experiences on a daily basis living in beautiful Arizona with his partner and hiking, coaching, writing and webcasting globally.

To find out more about Jay visit: www.healmindbodysoul.com or facebook.com/jayrothmanlife 

Kelly Gore’s HEAL documentary was also mentioned in this show. Click here for more.

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