Surviving a devastating bushfire, post-traumatic growth versus post-traumatic stress, and accessing the bliss brain are just three of the topics covered in this fascinating interview with renowned neuroscientist and award-winning science writer Dawson Church Ph.D. 

If you have ever wondered how people devastated by bushfires, or other natural disasters, successfully rebuild their lives listen to Dawson sharing his personal experience, and the scientific evidence backing the tools he and his wife used to rebuild their lives after the shocking 2017 Santa Rosa bushfire.  

In this episode we discuss:

  • What Dawson and his wife Christine learned from their experience of escaping the devastating Santa Rosa bushfires in 2017 
  • How to create your own reality, and choose your vibrational reality, no matter what the circumstances around you
  • The power of meditation to re-centre and heal after a major loss and create a powerful new reality for yourself by connecting with the “non-local” consciousness
  • The concept of post traumatic growth versus post-traumatic stress – how someone can grow after trauma, rather than decline 
  • How Dawson and his wife created a fresh new life after the disaster rather than rebuilding the old life they had
  • How meditation can help us create with the brain’s Bliss Molecule –  Anandamide – and other positive chemicals within the Bliss Brain cocktail
  • How to access the Bliss Brain cocktail via Dawson’s proven Eco-Meditation technique
  • How Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can assist people with severe PTSD
  • Dawson’s views on the effectiveness of meditation and its ability to encourage evolutionary change in our society
  • Dawson’s tips to help people build resilience and cope within these uncertain times.

To connect with Dawson visit or to get your copy of Bliss Brain click here.

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