Episode 37: 
Mind Power, Magic and Science – The Connections and the Opportunities with Dean Radin PhD

Can blessed water make plants grow and blessed tea influence mood? The science says yes! If you ever wondered if magic was real and wanted to understand how to harness the power of your mind then join us for this episode with Dr Dean Radin, Chief Scientist of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.  

Mind Power, Magic and Science – The Connections and the Opportunities with Dean Radin PhD

Dean and is his team use science to explore the answer to what is known as one of the hardest questions remaining in science – “the hard problem of consciousness.” This question considers who are we and why are we here. 

In this episode Dean generously shares with us:

  • How he came to study “the hard problem of consciousness” and parapsychology
  • His research into how magic is real and can shape the world we live in
  • His experience working on top-secret research into parapsychology for the US government
  • How the Institute of Noetic Sciences came into being as a result of an experience of an Apollo 14 astronaut’s mystical experience
  • Examples of global research projects using random number generators that demonstrate the power of attention
  • The connections between yoga, magic and modern science
  • The role of attention, intention, coherence and resonance in shaping your desired reality
  • How blessed water makes plants grow better
  • How blessed tea can influence mood
  • Why the best of intentions can fail
  • The role of meditation in creating magic
  • His latest research into “junk DNA” and psychic abilities.

 In this show we discuss Dean’s latest book Real Magic and his previous book Supernormal .

To connect with Dean visit Deanradin.org and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Other Ways to Connect with Your Inner Self

This interview with Dean is an amazing opportunity to understand more about who we are as humans and why we are here. Meditation is a powerful tool each one of us can use to get to connect with our inner selves and to answer these questions.

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  • Explain the benefits of meditation 
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