A relationship break up and losing a job are major life events that none of us go searching for but what do you do when they happen – especially when living in a foreign country?  

In this week’s episode of Your Freedom Unlimited, we meet Australian yoga and meditation teacher and coach Michael Daly who shares how these very difficult life events were the catalyst for the discovery of his life purpose – learning, sharing and teaching the joy of yoga and meditation.

It’s one thing to discover your purpose but it is another to live it. While Michael’s new path was always clear he shares how he navigated some of the road bumps along the way to build a new life he loves and a successful yoga school and coaching practice.

In this episode Michael shares:

  • His “first awakening” living in London after a relationship break up and losing a job
  • The180 degree shift in his life from living life from the outside in – to living life from the inside out
  • The simple technique of going inside to find answers
  • His discovery of yoga
  • His journey with, and love of, meditation
  • His “second awakening” in India and how this truly opened him up to living a happier life
  • His love of coaching people in the mind performance space
  • A simple technique to deal with negative thoughts.

Other Ways to Connect with Your Inner Self

Meditation is a powerful tool each one of us can use to get to connect with our inner selves and to answer these questions.

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In this easy guide, I:

  • Explain the benefits of meditation 
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  • Explain how to start meditating.
  • Give you two free meditations that can start you on your way now.

To access my free guide all you need to do is visit jenramsey.com/begin. 

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