What’s your story for 2021? What possibilities do you want to dive into this year? The stories we tell ourselves, and the emotional frequencies that we hold, in every minute, determine the results that we get. You literally hold your future in your hands – so what story are you going to create for yourself in 2021?

Dr. Bruce Lipton, who wrote the Biology of Belief agrees. He says our subconscious mind is effectively running the show with programs we learnt in childhood 95% of the time – and he says 70% of that subconscious programming is comprised of disempowering, self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs.

These figures are huge and something we need to take notice of. 


Because if we’re on autopilot most of the time – and if the stories we are telling ourselves are disempowering – we are far less likely to live a happy, fulfilled life. We’re less likely to feel freedom in ourselves and in our daily lives.

There is also science to this. Quantum physics tells us that the observer affects the observed.

This means what you focus on is what you get.

Various quantum physics experiments have shown us that in the quantum realm – in the space of tiny sub-atomic things – everything remains a possibility until an observation is made of that thing. There is what’s called a “superposition” or sum of all probabilities until an observer is involved.  Once scientists in their experiments observe a sub-atomic particle, it is then that the pure potential moves or “collapses” into a particular state. 

So what that means is that our living consciousness – our observation – converts potential into reality. 

What does this mean for you and me right now? 

It means we can have any set of circumstances available to us, and until we tell a story about that there is still potential for that situation to change. 

So, this is why it’s really important to get conscious about our story and what it is we want to create this year. It’s big because if we don’t, we’ll continue to run those all programs that we have run before, and we’ll wonder when we get to the end of the year, why things haven’t changed. 

So – if there is any area of your life you feel called to change – then chances are you’re running a story that is not supporting you.  So starting to consciously choose your story for that area of your life in 2021 is the most powerful thing you can do for you.

Consciously Choose Your Story for 2021

So what story do you consciously choose for you in 2021? If you were to write the movie script of your life this year what would you want it to be? Would you like less drama and more happy times?

This is about taking you stepping into the driver’s seat of your life and making the decision to do things differently and focus differently. 

The choice is all yours.

How does it feel when I say that? 

For some people I coach they say great – bring it on let’s get to it. For others they ask me – can we really create our reality?

The answer is yes if you look at the quantum science and the statistics on subconscious programming I mentioned earlier. I also have a belief that we come to the planet with some pre-birth intentions to have experiences that will help our soul expand and grow. This is where my spiritual side mixes with the science.

Either way you look at it the good news is that when we understand these things we can start to make conscious choices about our lives rather than unconscious choices.

I know I spent far too much of my early life making unconscious choices. Looking back I feel like I was living like I had a blindfold on in a dark room and was stumbling about for years trying to take the blindfold off and find the light switch. I can’t begin to tell you the difference when I finally realised that I was the one who had the ability to turn the lightswitch on the whole time.

Let’s Get Into the Superposition in The Field of Potentiality

So what are the possibilities for you in 2021? What would you like to open yourself up to this year?

Imagine yourself in the superposition in the field of potentiality for your life right now – what could your story for this year? What could your intentions be?

If you’ve been listening to my most recent episodes, you’ll know that I’m a big believer in focusing on intentions versus goals or new year’s resolutions.


Because intentions allow us to broaden our approach to what’s going on, and to be open to inspiration from the field of potential – rather than being so goal focused that we miss all the good opportunities that could come our way.

So let’s break it down and let me ask you a few questions about your intentions for different areas of your life in 2021? What is your new story in these areas?

What’s Your Story for Love and Relationships in 2021?

What is your story for 2021 with love and relationships? In your heart of hearts what would you like to experience? How would you like to feel?

If you’re in a relationship how could you deepen and improve your connection in your relationship? What stories are you telling yourself about your partner that could be cutting you off from a deeper connection?

If you’d like a relationship what stories could you be telling yourself about not having one? What stories are you telling yourself about others? What is a more self-affirming story you could tell yourself?

What Do You Intend for Your Business or Your Career?

What would make the most difference to you this year in your business or career?

Do you feel you’re on track with your work? Do you feel that you’re doing the work you’re best suited to doing or is this a year for assessing this space?

What stories are you telling yourself right now about your business or career? Are they supportive or are they not supportive? 

Remember what we know is that what we focus on is what we get. If we want to have a change in our business or our work, then our story about our current situation and our story for our future situation will make all the difference.

I had the biggest turn around in my business when I changed the incessant negative chatter in my head about it, and when I became extremely grateful for what I had.

We need to remember our personal frequency or vibration right now is what will affect our future. We can change the direction of our business or change a job – but if our frequency is still in negativity and lacks it will follow us wherever we go.

What Do You Intend for Your Family Relationships?

What would you like for your family relationships in 2021? At this time of year, after Christmas, there can be people who can feel quite confronted in terms of family relationships. They can feel relieved they don’t have to spend too much time with some family members until next year.

If that’s you, what story could you tell to set that up differently for next year?

I’m a firm believer those people who appear in our life as difficult people are often our biggest spiritual teachers. 

What could you intend for your family relationships this year? Is there something you could do that could really make a difference to your family relationships?

Could you spend more time with someone? Could you build a bridge with someone in your family that maybe you have had difficulties with in the past? 

What Do You Intend for Your Health and Self-Care?

What are your intentions around your health and self-care? What would help you have your best year in 2021?   Is there something in relation to your health that could really open up new doors and possibilities for you?

Would getting fitter and stronger help you? Do you need to eat in a different way?

What self-care practices could make all the difference for you?

I’m a big believer that health, self-care, wellbeing and education are the cornerstones of life so when we’re feeling healthy and fit and strong we’ve got such a great basis to do so many other things in our lives. So what’s the story that you’d like to create for yourself with your health and self-care this year?

What Do You Intend for Your Finances in 2021?

What do you intend for your finances in 2021? Why? What story do you currently tell yourself about money? What frequency do you hold around money? Do you love it, are you scared of it or do you feel removed from it?

Do you come from a position and belief system of never having enough? What if you could turn that story around in 2021? What is a more positivity story you could tell yourself? How would you feel?

What do you Intend For Fun and Creativity in 2021?

What about fun and play and creativity in 2021? What is something that you could do this year that would bring a lot of joy to you? Something you could do just for the fun of it?

This year I’m going to learn to play the guitar so that I can sing more. I’ve got my Dad’s guitar as he can no longer play due to arthritis in his hands. So I’m excited to learn to play because I feel great when I sing. Sound and singing for me is such a healing frequency so I’m going to give that a go.

What Is Your Story For Your Relationship with Yourself – Your Personal or Spiritual Development?

This to me is the most important area we can focus on. What is your relationship with yourself? How do you feel about you? What is the story you tell yourself about you? 

If you already feel great about you fantastic! Keep it up – but if you don’t, if you have any whispers of self-doubt or self-criticism or regret this is the time to listen to those stories you tell yourself.

You have the choice to step into feeling fully worthy and loving toward yourself.  When I changed this one EVERYTHING changed.

I’d just like to open your mind up to the possibilities and to ask you to consider what this year could possibly bring you in this space? You are in the driver’s seat. 

It doesn’t matter what has happened in your past – I promise you – when you drop your judgements and stories about yourself – there is truly an infinite field of possibility waiting for you. 

With one decision to live a new story you have the power to step into your innate power and truly make all the difference to yourself and those around you. When you step into your true Source power you will be a position to truly make the difference you want to make in the world.

What is your story for your relationship with yourself? How would you like to grow and evolve?  

You Can Choose One Area To Focus On

One thing I’d like to say here is that you don’t have to make wholesale changes across your life. Maybe there is one part of your life that you would like to really focus on and create some change in this year.

What I’ve found is that when I focused on the one part of my life that really needed addressing every other area of my life got the benefit of that. It was a really positive domino effect.

Also, as I said on last week’s episode you don’t have to burn down your whole life to make a change.

When we are looking at changing our story most of the work is done internally. It’s an internal revolution.

Over To You

As ever on Your Freedom Unlimited it is over to you. I asked the questions and you can now choose to create your own story for 2020.

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Until we speak again lots of love and here’s to your freedom and happiness!

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