From award-winning high fashion shoe design and creating shoes for the British Royal Family to working full-time as an artist, Lisa Sharpe shares her journey with us on this week’s episode of Your Freedom Unlimited. Always drawn to create – Lisa shares the difficult, yet defining, moments that led her to devote herself to art full time seven years ago. With a practice devoted to energetic frequency and vibration, the results are captivating.

Lisa has exhibited in London, Zurich and Dubai and her works are in private collections in the UK, the USA, the UAE, France, Switzerland and Singapore.

In this episode Lisa shares with us:

  • Her love of making and art as a child
  • Her decision to create and manufacture handmade silk shoes because she couldn’t find what she wanted in London
  • Her journey to becoming an award-winning shoe designer and working with Condé Nast publications like Vogue and Tatler
  • The excitement and intrigue of creating shoes for a Royal Wedding
  • The experience of studying art and working in art galleries
  • How personal burn-out and a surprising turn of events led to her tapping back into her own journey as an entrepreneur and contemporary art dealer
  • Her journey of empowerment and the decision to paint full-time 
  • Her approach to art from the perspective of energy and vibration – from the high vibration paints she uses through to her own personal preparation to paint
  • Some recent artwork and a peek into her studio practice
  • The personal daily practices she has in place to maintain clarity in her artistic practice 
  • Tips for artists and creatives ready to work full time in their field. 

Connect with Lisa

Lisa’s beautiful work can be found at

To connect with Lisa follow her on Instagram on

Free Art Download

In our interview, Lisa generously offered a link to access a free download of some of her artwork online. We talked about “Sunshine” which you can see below. 

To access your free download of Sunshine visit

Here is a picture of Laura Fellows in the flower girl shoes made by Lisa for the Duke and Duchess of York’s wedding. In this picture we see a very young Prince William who was Page Boy.

Lisa also shared with me after our interview that she was asked to make a pair of shoes out of Stella Artois beer cans. Here is a picture of her with the amazing shoes featured in Tatler magazine.

Featured in Tatler magazine.

High Vibration Paint

In the interview, we discussed the beautiful high vibration paints Lisa uses. They are the Lascaux range from Switzerland. These paints are all water soluble, non-toxic and true artist quality.

Meditation as a Tool For Connection and Grounding

During our interview, Lisa and I spoke about meditation as a powerful tool each one of us can use to get to connect with our inner selves and to get grounded.

If you have never meditated and you’d like to know how to start you can access my free How to Meditate for Beginners Guide at

In this easy guide, I:

  • Explain the benefits of meditation 
  • Take you through how to deal with all the common roadblocks to meditation 
  • Explain how to start meditating.
  • Give you two free meditations that can start you on your way now.

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