Caring for others and helping them to advocate for themselves underpins Dominique Webb’s approach to life. Having worked for many years with under-served communities before building her own successful businesses, this year Dominique is starting a new venture – a black beauty movement set to change the face of the black beauty industry in America

Her caring heart, desire for equality and entrepreneurial spirit are uniting to create massive change – from product creation to the beauty counter – in the black beauty industry.

Dominique is currently developing a black beauty consortium to provide a platform for black businesses in the beauty industry to showcase their products while allowing black consumers to make purchases that will support the black economy

In this episode Dominique shares with us:

  • The inspiration she received from her very inspiring mother who was a caring family leader, dedicated medical assistant, journalist and the founder of the Black Clown Association
  • The care, capacity and tenacity of her mother to pursue education for herself and her children which provided Dominique with the opportunities she later realised not everyone in her community has received
  • Her work as a youth development officer in communities of at-risk out-of-school, and in-school youth to help get them back in school or to training opportunities
  • Her understanding of the complexity of the cycles of generational poverty,  inequality, policing injustices and housing issues experienced by African Americans in the United States
  • What she learnt from her clients and the losses they had experienced in at a young age from disease and violence
  • How she finally connected and was able to provide meaningful support to the young people she was asked to assist
  • What those who come out of poverty have to do to overcome the cycles they’ve been trapped in 
  • What she has learnt about life as being a Black Person and a Black Woman in America
  • The importance of advocating for yourself – and finding your own voice – in difficult and confronting situations
  • Her vision to create a Black Beauty Consortium for black creators, makers, producers and stylists of beauty products
  • The benefits this venture will bring to black creators, black business people, black women and the black community more broadly
  • What freedom means to her
  • Her beautiful wisdom for anyone listening who may be struggling now.

This episode is also appearing in February – Black History Month in the United States. So we feel honoured to have Dominique share her time with us.

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