Are You Playing Small? Why It’s Vital to Find Your Voice & Power

Have you found your voice and innate power? Are those people who need to hear what you have to say – in your business, career or life – hearing you? Or are you playing it small? Is there something that you could do to share your voice with a broader audience, or to have your voice heard in areas that your voice needs to be heard?

Welcome to this week’s episode of Your Freedom Unlimited which is the first in a series of episodes on Finding Your Voice and Innate Power. This week I’m asking you two really important questions: Have you stepped into your innate power? And are you sharing your voice with the world?

Are You Playing Small? Why It’s Vital to Find Your Voice & Power

I know this is a very big topic and somewhat provocative so this week, I’ll focus on helping you understand why it’s important to find your voice and power. In future episodes, we’ll talk about how to find your voice and dealing with common roadblocks like imposter syndrome that keep us playing small.

So What Does it Mean to Find Your Innate Power and Voice?

To me finding your innate power and voice is about living, working and speaking from that timeless, authentic place inside you. Finding that place of rock-solid self-worth –  that you are worthy, perfect and that you matter just as you are.  It is about being and feeling aligned and whole within yourself. 

When you are in that place of innate power it is much easier to step into the place of doing something you are absolutely passionate every day – in some way – either professionally or personally or both. 

Most importantly finding your voice and innate power is about living from a place of personal responsibility, personal accountability and love. 

It is not about making others wrong or blaming outside circumstances to make what you are saying or doing right. It is about tapping into your Source energy and channelling your work from that place of pure light and love.  This is why Dr Martin Luther King said:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness;

Only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate;

Only love can do that.

Are You Playing Small? Why It’s Vital to Find Your Voice & Power

So Why Is It Important to Find Your Innate Power and Voice?

1. You Will Finally Connect With Your Purpose

I often hear questions from my clients like: “How should I use my gifts?” “What is my purpose in life?” They feel stalled, stuck and frustrated. I understand how they feel.

What I have found is that when we step into our innate power and self-worth – when we come to that place of being fine with ourselves – as we are right here and right now – then it is much easier to find your purpose and voice.  When you feel good about you it is so much easier to tap into your purpose.

The good news is that each of us is on the planet for a reason. You do have a purpose and it is closer than you think. It is our lack of connection to our innate power – who we really are – that blocks us from our purpose. Most often our fears of what others may think or the size of the action we feel we would like to take can be overwhelming. So we don’t act on that still small voice of purpose inside.

The good news is that when you step fully into your innate power –  you will be suddenly ignited. You will connect with your purpose and your voice in a way that will be unstoppable.

Are You Playing Small? Why It’s Vital to Find Your Voice & Power

2. Life Will Have More Meaning

Have you ever lain awake at night asking yourself “Is this all there is?”. I know I have and many of my guests on the podcast and clients have said the same thing to me. 

It is a question that many of us in the west have asked because we’ve lived the “American Dream” with the good job or business, 2.5 children, holidays and, having achieved that, still wondered what else is there. Many of us feel we have everything from a material sense but still feel empty on the inside. The high rates of depression and anxiety in the west support this.

When we find our innate power that question “Is this all there is” fades away – because when we are in the space of our innate power we have tapped into a motherlode of unlimited energy that fires us up from the inside. Suddenly life has more meaning.

Why? Because when we’re in this space we’ve come to the highest level in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – the need for self-actualisation which “refers to the realization of a person’s potential, self-fulfilment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences.”

3. Your Voice Will Make a Difference – Your People Need to Hear You

As important as finding meaning for yourself – finding and sharing your voice will make a difference to others. Just look at some of the game-changers in our history – Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela.

More recently we can look at the Black Lives Matters Movement and the movement to climate action and environmental sustainability that is making all the difference globally. 

What is common with all of these change-makers and movements? They all came from one idea that one person felt extremely strongly about and gave voice to. This person then had the courage and commitment to continually talk about that idea – no matter the person or forum – that encouraged others to be involved. Even when it was extremely unpopular with politicians of the day.

Are You Playing Small? Why It’s Vital to Find Your Voice & Power

At the local level, your voice is just as important. There are people who need to hear from and learn from you. Your experiences, your perspective and your skills are needed by others.

Yesterday I was on a group coaching call and one of the participants told me she was becoming a parenting coach because of the experiences of guilt and not good enough that she had as a new mother. As soon as I heard this I encouraged her to go for it because “mother guilt” is such a common topic with so many mothers. I’ve had many conversations with girlfriends on this topic over the years. Her beautiful approach, based on self-compassion will make a huge difference to the many mothers she will help in her career.

Why will she be so successful in her chosen arena? 

Three things: the depth of her own personal experience, her passion for the topic and the work and study she has done to address those issues. These three things together have created a major transformation in her life. She is now living proof of this transformation and this proof gives her the energy and capability to share with and coach others.

4. You’ll tap into the Passion that Makes Things Happen

The other fascinating thing that happens when you have found your voice is how you are suddenly fired up from the inside. The best way I can describe it is that it feels like you are moving from being a spectator on the bleachers at a sporting match to participating in the match itself. When you have found your innate power and voice it’s like you’ve found a wellspring of energy that is unlimited.

Why? Because at an energetic level you have. By fully stepping into your purpose, power and voice, and keeping your vibration high you will drop all negative energy and resistance. When you do this you literally have bucket loads of energy available to do what needs to be done.

5. You’ll Feel Happier and More Successful

When you are operating from this space of high energy you will be feeling more fulfilled because there is a purpose to what you are doing, and you will be getting more done.

It’s a virtuous cycle of success – when you feel like you are achieving more you’ll more successful. 

Which Comes First – Finding Your Voice or Power?

Some people ask me which comes first – finding your voice or power? The simple answer is that it is different for each of us. For me it was a journey where I knew my purpose but had to step into my power and voice to fully live my purpose.

It was vital for me to step into my innate power and self-worth to truly find my voice and share it. 

If you are not feeling worthy or whole you will still feel fear of what others will say when you speak out, you will still feel imposter syndrome and you won’t take action on the things that are most important. Your fear will hold you back in some way.

But when you are standing fully in your power, completely resolute about what you are sharing, watch out world because you will be unstoppable.

Over To You

So as ever it is the time in the podcast where I want to hand this over to you by asking you the questions I asked you at the top of the episode:

Have you found your voice? Are those people who need to hear what you have to say – in your business, career or life– hearing you? Or are you playing it small? Is there something that you could do to share your voice with a broader audience, or to have your voice heard in areas that your voice needs to be heard?

Please share with me in the comments to the blog or connect with me on Instagram or via email at

Next week we’ll continue this conversation on finding your power, purpose and voice.

Until then take great care wherever you are.

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