Stepping Into Your Purpose with Animal Communicator Liz Murdoch

Understanding what our dogs need and want, so owners can stop worrying  how to best care for them, is at the heart of Liz Murdoch’s work as an Intuitive Animal Communicator. 

In this week’s episode of Your Freedom Unlimited, Liz shares her transition from educating teachers, parents and children to working as a full-time animal communicator.  She explains how a near-death experience at 20 influenced her life and what it was like to fully step into her purpose and deal with sceptics who questioned her choices.

Stepping Into Your Purpose with Animal Communicator Liz Murdoch

As an award-winning dog trainer with certifications in animal-assisted therapy, animal communication and energy healing Liz is passionate about helping owners see our dogs in a different light – so we can fully understand and respect their capability and contribution to our world. She firmly believes dogs are much more than “fur babies” and is keen for us to see our animals differently.

This episode is for anyone who loves dogs, has a dog or is thinking of getting one! It’s also for anyone looking to transition into working in the space of their true passion and purpose.

In this episode Liz shares with us:

  • Her first experience of talking with a dog in kindergarten
  • How her near-death experience at 20 influenced her life to focus on what matters
  • How her intuition has guided her life from Graduate School to her successful business as an animal communicator
  • How she transitioned to full-time business as an animal communicator
  • How she deals with sceptics in relation to her work
  • How people and families can learn to better understand their dog
  • Her most significant “animal communication” moment when helping a dog in distress
  • Her views on the status of dogs in our society and how there is so much more than meets the eye
  • The power and value of intuition
  • Her advice to anyone looking to step into their purpose but feeling blocked in some way.

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