Listening to Your Inner Voice - Vital to Fashion Icon Julie Tengdahl

Listening to your inner voice and meditation are vital and powerful tools used by the Australian fashion industry icon Julie Tengdahl to grow and nurture her business in the continually evolving, often fickle, fashion industry. Listen to Julie as she shares her story in this week’s episode of Your Freedom Unlimited.

One of Australia’s pre-eminent fashion designers Julie has wone multiple awards for her design and fashion talent since establishing her first business in 1986. Julie specialises in creating sustainable and ethical ready-to-wear and demi-couture clothing. She has a unique way of telling her story through textiles, design and producing beautiful hand made garments for women to love and wear forever.

In this episode Julie shares with us:

  • The genesis of her creative journey in fashion
  • Her love for design, beauty and helping women to shine and feel good through beautiful, sustainable fashion
  • The power of listening to her inner voice and how this has guided her throughout her career and business
  • The role spirituality and meditation has played in expanding her creativity and business
  • How she brings herself back from a difficult moment or time
  • What she’s learnt from the COVID-19 experience

This episode is just the first part of our conversation. Listen to Episode #6 for what we’re calling “dessert”. In this episode, Julie shares what’s next at Tengdahl and gives us insights into what she considers the ‘essentials’ for any woman’s wardrobe! It is a fun conversation.

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