As one of the first black daytime soap opera heroines on American television and now as an “Age Anarchist” Mariann Aalda has always been clear on living her dream and purpose.

In this week’s inspiring Your Freedom Unlimited interview, Mariann shares how she brought her childhood dream of acting to reality and what she did when ageism reared its ugly head. 

When Hollywood stopped calling her in her 50s, Mariann was galvanised into action of a different kind. She now uses her creative talents as a stand-up comedian, clinical hypnotherapist, and as an ageism activist determined to snap women out of the trance that women lose their value as they get older.

Mariann is 72 years young and still going strong with incredible vitality and energy. She is an absolute joy. This interview is for anyone contemplating how to grow older joyfully and with grace.

In this episode Mariann shares with us:

  • The powerful influence of her parents, particularly her father,  in encouraging her to follow her dreams
  • Her views on consciousness and the ability we have to create our own reality. Her father gave her a copy of the book Psycho-Cybernetics at the age of 9
  • Her journey to become one of America’s first black daytime soap opera heroines on American television. Of the many credits to her name, she starred as criminal attorney DiDi Bannister on ABC’s Edge of Night and co-starred opposite O.J. Simpson as his wife, Ellen, on HBO’s First & 10
  • How she dealt with her experience of ageism in the entertainment industry 
  • How she reinvented herself as a stand-up comedian and clinical hypnotherapist
  • Her role as an “Age Anarchist” and how she is “prosecuting ageism” with her TEDx Talk: Ageism Is A Bully…Stand Up To It!; her solo show, Gettin’ Old Is A Bitch…But I’m Gonna Wrestle That Bitch To The Ground!, and as an AARP Age Disruptor
  • The impact of experiencing uterine cancer and the incredible gift it gave her
  • Her secret to healthy aging.

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