Orphaned as a young child, going to boarding school, carving out a life in rural Australia and the power of synchronicity are just some of the themes we cover this week on Your Freedom Unlimited where we meet my Dad, Lex Shepherd.

While my Dad is, without doubt, one of my heroes he is also one of the most optimistic and creative people I know. He has written two books, led several community volunteer organisations and ran a successful farm business. He also courageously stepped into a full-time caring role when my mother became ill with dementia.

In this episode my Dad shares:

  • His experiences as a young boy growing up in post World War Two Australia
  • What it was like to lose his parents at a very young age
  • How he made his way in the world working first as a stockman the Northern Territory and then running his own business in Queensland
  • His experience of meeting and sharing his life with my mother and family
  • What it was like to deal with the diagnosis of my mother’s dementia
  • His experience of writing two books
  • His tips for anyone interested in writing a book
  • His views on acceptance, resilience, gratitude, family and friendship
  • The joy of music.

If you would love some insights and wisdom from a life well lived listen in. For a copy of Dad’s book – That is The Way for Joey and Me email me here.

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