Revolutionising The Cosmetic Medicine Industry From the Inside Out with Anita East

What is the role of cosmetic medicine in women’s mental health? How much work is “too much”? And what happens when fears about exploitation in your own industry lead to your own near death experience?

This week on Your Freedom Unlimited Anita East of Anita East Medispa, a clinic specialising in non-surgical cosmetic medicine, pulls back the curtain on what is going on inside the industry.

As a mother to two daughters, Anita is determined to make the world a safer and more accepting place for when they grow up and ask, “Am I beautiful enough?”

Anita’s first book Beautiful Unique Faces, has established her as a thought leader in the area of female health, empowerment, wellness, and modern beauty.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The phenomena that is the non-surgical cosmetic medicine industry
  • How Anita came to work in the industry after working as a professional actor on and TV presenter
  • The impact of social media on women and on the cosmetic medicine industry itself
  • Anita’s near death experience 
  • How her near death experience and her two daughters inspired her to write her bestseller Beautiful Unique Faces
  • The exploitation of vulnerable women in some parts of the industry
  • The  importance of feeling good within rather than using cosmetic medicine to make yourself feel good
  • The power of understanding and “owning” your own unique facial feature
  • Anita’s own inner power practice
  • How cosmetic medicine fits into the debate around women’s ageing
  • What it feels like to be revolutionising an industry from the inside out.

Released in September 2020 Beautiful Unique Faces is a Best Seller in Australia and the UK and has won several awards including the ROAR Success – Gold Medal award for Making A Difference to society.

Anita is often called upon to present at meetings both in Australia and internationally. She has presented alongside Malala Yousafzai at the British Council in Pakistan for the 2021 Women of the World Festival, the International Women’s conference for the Student Economic Forum, and various medical conferences.

Before entering cosmetic medicine Anita worked as a professional actor on various homegrown soaps such as programs like Neighbours and Offspring  and as a TV Presenter.

 Anita is a Nurse Practitioner, She holds a BSc, MA in Acting, and an MSN.

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