The healing power of sound and music and its ability to open the door to great joy, personal awareness and consciousness are the themes of our interview with the delightful Anita Cassidy-Bowman.

Anita is a sound healing practitioner and teacher who has used sound and meditation to heal her own depression and to find true freedom and joy in her life.

For more than 20 years Anita has explored vocal therapy and the sound science of ancient India to create truly magical sound healing bath and story-telling events and to teach others how to do the same.

Anita believes each miniscule part of us vibrates, creating sound, which then merges with and influences the energetic vibrations of the rest of our world from the inner earth to the stars and beyond. 

She is truly an angel one earth and is an absolute delight as well as an incredibly talented teacher.

In this episode Anita shares:

  • Her early life and love of music and sound
  • How she found a sense of freedom of the heart travelling in Europe with friends in a pink Combi van
  • Her introduction to Zen Buddhism and Carlos Castaneda
  • Her journey to Australia
  • Her exploration of different states of consciousness, different Buddhisms, pagan and Shamanic traditions and love of nature
  • How she stepped into meditation and how she used it to heal herself of trauma and depression
  • Her journey to make sound a part of her life as a teacher with the Sound Healing Academy
  • The healing power of sound
  • How sound heals the body, mind and spirit by bringing it back into balance
  • The concept of connecting with the fearless nature of our spirit and finding joy in life
  • Two simple practices to bring sound into your every day life.

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In this episode we also talked about a form of sound based yoga called Nada Yoga. Here is a link to a  book on Nada Yoga that Anita recommends. 

Anita also mentioned a fascinating talk by Michael Tellinger on YouTube. You can watch it here.

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