Finding true freedom within, after experiencing trauma in her early life, is the focus of our conversation on Your Freedom Unlimited with trauma coach and healer Alissa Nathaniel. Alissa’s rich history, as a practitioner of acupuncture, acutonics, neural organisation technique, and yoga, as well as her own journey to healing, has inspired the work she is doing today. 

Alissa holds the space for people with P.T.S.D.,  trauma, stress, depression, and/or anxiety to move from frozen to freedom. In our interview, she explains the unique techniques she uses to help unlock the energy pathways and frequencies that help her clients transform, expand and finally find freedom from suffering.  She is an absolute inspiration and testament to the power of committing to the healing journey.

Despite trauma in her early life, Alissa has had a lifelong love of the divine and she firmly believes remembering who we truly are can reignite the body’s innate wisdom to heal.

Alissa is also a beautiful singer of sacred songs and mantras.

In this episode Alissa shares:

  • Her freedom of coming home to her true nature through her journey with trauma.
  • Her love of nature and the divine – singing songs to nature on her garden swing as a three-year-old
  • The positive influence of her parents in showing her the richness of life, spirituality, and the diversity of belief systems in our world.
  • Her experience of PTSD and how the frozen state kept her stuck and immobilised until she was ready to take the next step towards her healing.
  • The emotional pendulum swings she experienced in her own life as she more fully came to awareness of, and to terms with, her own trauma experiences 
  • The healing power of seeing ourselves as love amidst trauma – that we are more than our physical body or experience in the moment
  • The turning point in her own healing journey 
  • The importance of a safe space to be deeply heard, seen, and acknowledged in the arms of love
  • Her understanding of the cascade of physical and emotional symptoms that may occur if the cellular memory of trauma stays stuck in the body and is left unresolved
  • How we can experience an all-pervading gentle joy, as we move out of frozen, back into the natural flow of life
  • The healing power of silence
  • The unique modalities she has used to heal herself and now shares with others – the merging of the sound frequency with acutonics, neural organisational technique, Chinese medicine, and yogic philosophy to help people move out of the fight, flight, or frozen.

Trigger warning // subjects of abuse.

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