Anxiety rellef – is it possible to get relief from anxiety and overwhelm and how can a change in your personal frequency help?

Welcome to Your Freedom Unlimited. I’m excited to share with you today’s episode where we’re taking a deep dive into frequency and how it can not only relieve anxiety but also give us a fresh new lease on life so we can start to do what matters most to us. 

\What is Frequency and What Has it Got To Do With Anxiety Relief?

So what is frequency? Have you ever met someone and felt instantly at ease but then met another person who didn’t feel good at all? What we’re doing here is picking up on the person’s personal energy and vibration – or their frequency.

While we may feel the “vibe” of others, our personal frequency, is just as important.  

What I’ve learnt is that our vibration or emotional frequency is everything and I mean Everything with a capital E.   It will determine the quality of our life.

And we can do something about it.  It is not out of control. We can do something about it.

The better we feel, more consistently, the better experience we will have of life.

Anxiety Relief – Change Your Frequency Change Your Experience

That might sound like a big call but I’ve found it to be absolutely the case – when it came to my experience with anxiety and with so many other things.

When I realised I could make a conscious shift in my vibration everything changed. 

Before I go into how I got anxiety relief from a shift in my frequency let me take a minute to give you some of the science behind this principle.  

This Is Not Woo Woo – Here is the Science

Everything around us, including people, animals, plants, and water are made of tiny vibrating atoms that receive, store and emit electromagnetic energy.

When I say vibrations I’m referring to the oscillating or vibrating movement of atoms and particles caused by electrical energy. Solid items, like a chair, and our tissues, cells, organs, emotions and thought patterns – have an electro-magnetic field unique to them.

Frequency, which is measured in hertz (Hz) units, is the rate at which vibrations and oscillations occur – this can be fast or slow. This means an atom vibrating at a fast rate is at a higher frequency than one vibrating at a much slower rate. 

The late Bruce Tainio, researcher and developer of Tainio Technology, found that a healthy body resonates at a frequency of 62-70 MHz, and that when the body’s frequency drops to 58 MHz, that is when disease starts1. He also found bacteria, viruses, and disease each have their own, low frequency that can influence your energy field2. …. Interesting in these Covid-19 times. I’m going to do an episode soon on this.

More work on emotional vibration was done by Dr David Hawkins who found that various emotions resonated at different levels.  He set a logarithmic scale of 1 to 1000  and used applied kinesiology to test levels of human emotion in the body.

He found low-level emotions like shame, guilt, fear resonated at a low level of around 20 to 50, love at 500 and enlightenment at 1000.

He developed a Map of Consciousness that shows the scale:

What’s also important in all of this is that like attracts like.  Two American researchers Hunt (a philosopher) & Schooler (Professor of Neuroscience) from the University of California Santa Barbara state in their paper “The Easy Part of the Hard Problem: A Resonance Theory of Consciousness that: 

“When different oscillating things are close together for a time, they begin to vibrate in sync. That applies to neurons in brains, fireflies gathering, the Moon and Earth, and much more.”

In a nutshell what this means is that everything around us is made of vibrating matter and that when we come into contact with someone else we can begin to vibrate in sync with them. You know when someone walks into a room like a dark storm and their energy can bring you down? On the flipside when someone who is up walks into the room everyone feels great?

That is our vibration coming into sync. 

When we put all of this together it means it’s vital to be aware of:

  • Your frequency – or emotions – they will impact the results we get
  • The importance of consciously choosing our frequency – we need to feel as good as we can most of the time 

How Understanding My Frequency Gave Me Anxiety Relief

If we want to feel better we need to consciously reach for better feelings and live them consistently.  And by consciously and consistently changing our frequency we can change our circumstances entirely. 

I have done this.  When I realised I had the power to change my frequency I realised I could change my approach to my anxiety. Something that had driven me, and “owned” me for so long was suddenly something I realised I could do something about. 

This one realisation changed everything. It gave me the sense that I could do something about this thing that I had felt so ashamed about for much of my adult life. 

I stopped seeing myself as a victim to circumstances. I saw that what I thought about myself would have a direct correlation on what was going on in my life. That, together with the idea of being the creator of my reality, was the beginning of my big shift away from anxiety.

Anxiety Relief – The Key Steps

So what were the key steps to me getting some anxiety relief?

  1. I consciously changed my approach to myself. I stopped saying I was a sufferer of anxiety privately and publicly
  2. I started to truly believe the words “this too shall pass”. I let those words sink in. 
  3. I started to really accept and allow my anxiety rather than pushing it away every time it came up
  4. I started to use specific breathing techniques to help myself settle down when I was in the middle of an attack. 

The other big thing was that I was consistent – I stuck to this approach day after day, week after week. No matter how I was feeling I stuck to my new approach. This was a journey and it took time but it did work. 

Anxiety Relief – Change Your Frequency Change Your Experience

I need to be clear here I am a transformation coach, not a psychologist. I am sharing here what worked for me. Just try some of this on for size alongside whatever you are doing right now. 

Changing My Frequency Shifted A Lot More than My Anxiety – It Gave Me a New Lease On Life

The good news is that changing my frequency shifted a lot more than my anxiety. 

The frequency shift gave me a lot more than anxiety relief. It gave me a new lease of life entirely.

I learned I could shift my frequency in lots of places – in fact anywhere I wanted a change in my life I could shift my frequency and it looked like miracles had occurred!

So when I really took on board – had a frequency shift – around this idea that I was a part of Source and had created my reality (listen to Episode 4 if you want more on this) everything shifted in my personal relationships. By owning that I created my reality I started to fully own my stuff I stopped being a victim and could see where I had done things to others as well. 

Another enormous frequency shift came when I stopped looking for/demanding love from others and instead started expressing love and giving love. I suddenly had far deeper, and much more authentic connections that were truly loving and real.

This frequency shift also meant I had so much more energy. Because I was being real and authentic and letting my guard down, there was no need to build a facade to protect myself. That facade was tiring and exhausting. 

Anxiety Relief – Change Your Frequency Change Your Experience

So this what I wanted to share with you today – that you literally hold the power in your hands to change your life by consciously shifting your frequency.

There is So Much More to the Story – Stay Tuned

This brings us to the close of today’s episode where we’ve focused on understanding our frequency and vibration and how that can give us anxiety relief and so much more. There is much more to share here. 

Keep tuning in to Your Freedom Unlimited as I share more about the other conscious shifts in frequency we can make to live a happier, more free life where we get what matters most done. Until we speak again remember who you truly are and take great care.


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