how to meditate during coronavirus lockdown

Does meditation work and can it help to meditate during coronavirus lockdown? Yes! With the coronavirus causing wholesale change to everything – it’s vital to make sure we’re coping with the stress so we can show up for ourselves and our loved ones. Meditation is one of the best ways to cope with stress and the ‘fear storm’ created by COVID-19.

All of the changes presented by coronavirus – from self-isolation, working from home, kids home from school, loss of work or changes to plans – are wide-ranging and can create a ‘fear storm’.

When things like this happen it is easy to overthink, feel overwhelmed, anxious or fearful. We can very quickly drop into a negative, downward spiral which I call a ‘fear storm’. Sometimes we do this in the hope that all of this worry might fix things – but it does it not. It often makes things worse.

And science tells us this. Chronic fear can affect a range of things including our immune system and sleep, according to Dr Mary Moller, Director of Psychiatric Services at Northwest Center for Integrated Health.

So How Do We Stop a Coronavirus Fear Storm?

By choosing our perspective and meditating.

Rather than being sucked into the pandemic of fear on the media and social media we always have a chance to choose our perspective. We can choose to be prepared but peaceful, rather than prepared and fearful.

But when we’re in the thick of a raging fear storm conscious choice can be hard. We are literally inside the fear storm itself.

How do we get out of a raging fear storm?

Meditation – in this case – a Coronavirus Meditation to Help You Choose Calm

Meditation is powerful.

And it is no longer a ‘woo woo’ thing.

Dr Matthew Thorpe of Healthline found 12 science-based benefits of meditation. The top three were:

  • reduces stress
  • controls anxiety
  • promotes emotional health.
coronavirus meditation

All pretty important when we’re looking at how to cope and what to do in a coronavirus lockdown. If you want to read his full article click here.

So How Do I Meditate to Choose Calm?

To help you meditate to choose calm in this time of uncertainty I have prepared a simple 9-minute meditation that will help you get centred and grounded very quickly.

This is a guided coronavirus meditation to help you reduce stress, choose calm and sleep better whether you are in self-isolation, social distancing or in lockdown.

And given we’re in a global situation that affects everyone it will also help you to send love and peace out to all of those you love, and everyone across the planet. You can access the Choose Calm Meditation on YouTube right. Just click the link below:

If you’d like to get the Choose Calm Meditation plus my full 5 Step Guide to Raising Your Vibe in Times of Uncertainty you can get it here. 

Would You Like More Information to Help Keep Calm In a Coronavirus Lockdown?

If you’d like some more ideas on what to do in coronavirus lockdown check out my article, which includes a 10-step guide to help you stay healthy, happy, engaged and to keep your vibe high in these changing times.

Please take good care as you navigate these times and reach out for support if you need it.

Jen xoxo