Passion, self-belief, and a deep sense of connectedness are the keys to the success of the incredibly talented and intuitive musician Angela Grima. In this episode of Your Freedom Unlimited, Angela shares her love of, and creative journey with sound, music, and life.

Angela also demonstrates how to truly live your passion in your life. With a degree in Music, and trained in opera, she runs several successful businesses that bring the beauty and power of music to audiences ranging from young children to corporate executives.

In our conversation Angela pulls back the curtain on her process – she shares how we can create music with whatever we have, the power of interconnectedness and vulnerability, and how self-belief and passion have fuelled her success.

In this episode Angela shares:

  • Her early connection with music and how she uses music to connect with others.
  • Music as a fabulous analogy for life and how to balance those parts of us coming together – just as notes and harmonics come together in a piece of music
  • Her process for creating music including listening to our whole being and allowing space for the melodies and different instruments to be heard
  • An incredible lesson from her opera teacher on the power of breathing properly to connect with your audience
  • How she has followed her intuition to build successful businesses in music
  • Her body percussion technique- using our bodies to create sound
  • The vital importance of sound to us as humans
  • How music can be used to deal with anxiety
  • How we are connected with each other and the environment even when we think we are not
  • The power of vulnerability and how it opens the doorway to humility and beauty
  • How to tap into our potential through self-belief and giving things a go
  • How the hardest experiences can provide the most awesome outcomes.
  • How Covid-19 provided an opportunity for a truly beautiful musical project with high school students.

At the end of the episode, we also listen, and dance to Angela’s new single Born to Shine – which you can listen to here:

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