Finding Love in Ancient Wisdom Culture with Aunty Barbara Randall

How to bring more love into our lives, and finding freedom in, and through love, are the themes of this week’s powerful conversation with Aunty Barbara Randall, wife of renowned Aboriginal Elder Uncle Bob Randall.  In this episode, Barbara shares the deep messages of love she found in Kanyini, Uncle Bob Randall’s interpretation of his ancient culture, and her journey of meeting and falling in love with Uncle Bob.

This is Part Two of a two-part episode with Barbara.

In this episode Barbara shares:

  • The messages she regularly received that led her on her path to meeting Uncle Bob Randall
  • Her joy at finding the deep messages of love in Uncle Bob Randall’s interpretation of his ancient culture – Kanyini
  • Her personal vow to only contribute to that which is truth and love
  • How she and Uncle Bob met
  • The Grannies’ Law of Uncle Bob’s culture
  • How Uncle Bob’s culture has carried the teachings of love impeccably from generation to generation
  • Her journey of disconnecting from her old life and connecting with her new life in Australia
  • How she experienced love with Uncle Bob
  • How to make loving choices in a relationship with another
  • The power of loving acceptance and being in the moment
  • The value of listening to messages from Spirit and how to respond with trust and openness to the gifts of what might unfold
  • The importance of having the courage to “bring it on” in life
  • How to completely own your own wounds by understanding the role you have played in others lives
  • Finding freedom through facing and walking into the fire of your fear
  • How she found harmony in her relationship with Uncle Bob
  • Tapping into love by understanding “what can I give” and connecting into the wellspring of love inside ourselves
  • Connecting with nature as a tool for connecting with ourselves and love.

Barbara is responsible for continuing Uncle Bob’s work through the Bob Randall Kanyini Foundation.

In 2013, Uncle Bob set up an educational charity – the Bob Randall Kanyini Foundation. Before he died in 2015, gravely concerned about the global environment and the future generations, Uncle Bob instructed Barbara to “get the teachings out to the world” through the charity.  

Charged with this task, and with her own concern for the generations to come, Barbara is dedicated to preserve and share the extensive legacy of Uncle Bob’s ancient wisdom teachings with the world through the Bob Randall Kanyini Foundation. For more information on the work of the Bob Randall Kanyini Foundation email Barbara at

You can watch the episode here:

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