#2 of our 5 Simple Strategies to Build the Business and Lifestyle You Dream Of

If you are anything like me you see creating your own business as one of the keys to really living your life’s purpose and creating the financial success and the lifestyle you desire. Your business is your stepping stone to helping others transform their lives.

But sometimes the pathway to success is not always clear. This post covers the second of five strategies in our series designed to help you live on purpose and build the business and lifestyle you dream of. 

Even if you have been in business for some time – these strategies will work for you. If you become very clear about about who you are, and what you want, you can create massive transformation in your business. Keep reading and these strategies will show you what to focus on so you can be building your list, generating more sales and working with the people you want to work with more quickly.

Today we’re focusing on how to ‘Magnetically Attract Your Perfect Customer’.  Attracting the type of customers you want to work with – your perfect tribe – will absolutely increase the quality of your day and your business. Some of the steps in this strategy operate at the level of mindset – “how you are being” – just as much as what you are “physically doing” to attract your customers! Please enjoy!

Strategy Two: How to Magnetically Attract Your Perfect Customer

Step One: Be crystal clear about your ideal customer

Last week, we focused on zeroing in on your perfect customer. It’s such an important part of creating a business you love, that I am repeating it here.  If you have been in business for awhile but you feel it’s time to work with a different group of people – you can use these strategies to create massive and positive change in your client base. The key is to be extremely clear about the type of customer you want to work with as you will be devoting a lot of time and energy to them in the future. If you are very clear about who you want to work with it will make your marketing and communication with your customers flow. To learn more about this visit last week’s post here.

Step Two: Demonstrate you care about your customer and what they want to achieve

In all of my years in business, I have had the most breakthroughs with my clients – and created the deepest relationships with them –  when they have understood how much I have cared about them and what they wanted and needed to achieve. My clients have responded to my commitment to them. The thing with this concept is that your level of care needs to go beyond the words you might say. You really do need to have ‘some skin in the game’ energetically. Once your customers feel you have committed at an energetic level to them, you will have them commit to you for the long term.

Step Three: Come from the perspective of problem-solver not money-maker

Right next door to caring is the mindset of problem-solver rather than money-maker. Of course when you solve someone’s problem, its fair and reasonable to receive an exchange in value which is money. When I was much younger I was not comfortable with the concept of selling more services to my clients. I felt awkward about ‘selling them’. As soon as I realised that actually I was in the business of solving communication and marketing problems for my clients I had an incredible mindset shift that released me and allowed me to help my clients at a much deeper level. They felt it and they were open to me offering more services to them.

Step Four: Come from the perspective of service and infuse your offer with the highest intention for good

Linked to caring and problem solving is the mindset of being in service to your clients. Once you can master this thought process you will move into a much deeper and more profound space of helping your clients. You will truly be able to create the transformation they are looking for.  This shift in thinking is like being handed a key to open a doorway into a new part of yourself and your business. You will truly be able to create the transformation your customers are looking for. As part of this process you must infuse your offer with your highest intention for good – that your service will reach and help the people who need it the most. This idea of infusion goes for every single part of  your offer – from your Facebook ads through to your video presentations or when you meet with someone in a one-on-one consultation.

Step Five: Have confidence and clarity about the transformation you offer

In a very changeable and uncertain world people are looking for certainty and a clear path forward. If you are extremely confident and clear about the transformation you offer – you will attract people to you. Show you have a solution and a process that will address your perfect client’s problem and transform their lives. Highlight the gap your client faces and how your solution will fix this. Make your solution simple and step-by-step. You can demonstrate your solution works by sharing testimonials and stories that bring it to life and make it easy for people to understand the benefit of working with you.

Step Six: Be an authority that adds value

In a busy market place you will draw more customers to you if you can position yourself as an authority in your niche. There are many ways to do this. You can choose a topic and: host a podcast or a  Blab show; publish a book; run a Local Meet Up Group or a virtual Linked In Group; speak at events; run your own live events; win awards or appear in the media.

The possibilities are endless, yet the key to success is to choose one or two positioning platforms and do them exceptionally well. You need to understand what platform works best for you and your personal style. It is not good to run a live event if you have a morbid fear of public speaking. There are other ways to get your message out, and, BTW I believe everyone has the power to be a great speaker, you can learn the skills to do it exceptionally well.

However you choose to position yourself commit to adding value to your audience. There are no prizes for big egos – but there is great reward in committing to add value to your tribe and giving them what they want and need!

Step Seven: Share about you

Sharing your journey and your experiences will help your customers identify with you. As you share your story you become more real and trustworthy in their eyes. Leadership surveys have shown time and time again that the most respected leaders show their human fallibility rather than standing perfectly and remotely on a mountain top. By being vulnerable and real people will relate to you. If they can see the journey you have been on they will feel they can come too.

Step Eight: Do what you say you will do … and offer real value

While doing what you say you will do might seem a very basic point – you would be surprised about the number of businesses who do not follow through on their promises, or who make hollow promises that have little value. I have experienced some companies who make “added value” offers that are the equivalent to the “free set of steak knives.” They are nice to have but they are not really linked to the core offer and have no intrinsic value on their own. What you offer and how you follow through are the basic building blocks of trust. Check yourself in this space and look at your product offering – does it meet your customers’ needs? What is your overall value ladder? If you get these things right you will reap the benefits.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

We’ve covered a lot of ground this week – if you are ready to learn more about magnetically attracting your perfect customer, shifting your mindset or choosing an authority platform for your business then apply for one of our free strategy diagnostic sessions. We offer a limited number of these sessions every month because we know first hand that working out ‘how to sell yourself’ can be very hard. It’s great to have an objective view and a mentor to hold your hand so you know what you are doing is going to work. We’re offering these strategy calls because we want you to avoid spending months struggling and still not have the right offer for your audience. Spots are limited so if you feel you are ready to take your business to the next level apply for a session here now.

Maybe you have a friend or colleague who might find these strategies the game-changer that they need in their business? If so, share the love!

Much love

Jen xo

P.S. Stay tuned for next week’s post where we cover Strategy # 3 – How to Build a Vibrant, Engaged List of Your Perfect Clients!