how to make the most of coronavirus lockdown

How to make the most of coronavirus lockdown is the best question we can ask ourselves right now. Given that self-isolation, #stayhome, working from home and social distancing are the new norm – what can we do to make the best of this time we have on our hands?

This lockdown is giving many of us unprecedented time at home and possibly more time than we’ve had in a long time in one place.

In this blog, I’m offering a 5-step checklist to make the most of your time in coronavirus lockdown. You can read this below.

1. Take the Time To Look Inside at What Matters Most To You

This time is an unexpected gift to look inside to think about what’s most important to us? What really matters most?

For me, I can see so clearly that my peace of mind and my health, and the health and wellbeing of my family and friends, are my top priorities. The other things I used to think were important have slipped away.

For some of us, this new “extra” time to think could be confronting. In response to this, we can easily fill our days up with “busy” activities that might make us feel safe. But if we keep busy with surface-level activities we might be missing a big opportunity to go inward and discover more about ourselves.

If you can take even just five minutes a day to turn inward – you might be pleasantly surprised at what will arise.

how to make the most of coronavirus lockdown

2. Think About What You Really Want For Your Future

This is a time where we can think about we really want for our future. With our routines interrupted we can take some time now to think about what we really want our future to look like.

Even for those who have lost work or business, this is a time to focus on what you REALLY want.

I know the loss of work or business is extremely difficult – I have been through both experiences. But I also know that – provided we can step through the fear and get into a space of calm and peace – this is a gift to think about what we really want for ourselves.

It’s almost like a cosmic red traffic light to say – Hey! What do you really want? What were you settling for?

I have been to the zero point and, once I accepted it, and realised that I was truly the creator of my reality, I created a new path that today is much better for me. I’m happier and more confident and doing what I love.

how to make the most of coronavirus lockdown

3. Do something that you’re curious about

If the idea of thinking about your future or your “purpose” in life is too confronting, then take the pressure off and do something you’re curious about, or that inspires you.

Curiosity is a powerful tool that can lead you to your purpose. The benefit of being curious about something means there is no pressure. And when there is no pressure creativity and inspiration can flow.

So let your mind drift and think about what interests you. Maybe think back to your childhood and what made you curious then. What games did you play?

The idea here is just to have fun! And at times like this – fun, and the chance to escape for a couple of hours, is exactly what we need more of!

How to make the most of coronavirus lockdown

4. Establish or expand your self-care routine

As humans we love routine, and I think the hardest thing about self-isolation and lockdown has been the abrupt end to our routines as we knew them.

Establishing a new routine is vital because it gives our day a rhythm or a pattern and this helps us feel safe.

One of the big gifts of this time out is the chance to establish, or expand, your self-care routine. With less time spent getting ready for work and commuting this is a golden opportunity to create some time where you can start to do something for you.

If your home life is looking very different for you – with everyone in your household full time – it might take a while to get into the swing of things. I’ve heard a lot of different stories from friends and family in recent days about the changes they’re making to create a new normal that works for them.

Whatever the situation taking time out for you will give you the energy you need for everything else going on. For more on how to establish a positive daily routine in coronavirus lockdown read my article here.

how to make the most of coronavirus lockdown

5. Keep Your Vibe High

To me, this is the most essential action for this #stayhome time. All of us are going through a lot but the way we choose to look at things will make a big difference to how we come through this.

We have a choice always.

We are living in a fear soup right now. Despite the outside circumstances we still always have a choice to choose love, peace and acceptance over fear.

Whenever I feel wobbly on this I think of the remarkable Nelson Mandela who chose forgiveness over anger after 27 years in a South African prison. He famously said:

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.

Here was a man who had been imprisoned for 27 years. Yet he chose the path of forgiveness, peace and calm.

So in times like these, we need to what we need to do to keep our vibe high. That thing we do that helps us to feel lighter and more energised inside.

And that needs to be whatever works for you.

For me it comes down to a few things:

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • walking our dog Lucy
  • exercise
  • art
  • staying connected with family and friends
  • reducing my exposure to the news and negative social media.

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what to do in coronavirus lockdown
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Until we speak again – take very good care

Jen xoxo